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Amazon Zocalo traps users into new mobile walled garden


Amazon’s had its Amazon Cloud Drive storage available for some time, but the company only grants 5GB of free cloud storage for new users – an average offering when compared to Google’s 15GB of free cloud storage and Box’s 50GB of free storage. If you want more cloud storage with Amazon, you’ll have to pay for it. Unfortunately, companies like Google and Microsoft have taught us that we don’t need to pay for a minimum amount of cloud storage.

In steps Amazon Zocalo, an enterprise cloud-storage service now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. Zocalo allows multi-device syncing across all registered devices, and invitees to cloud documents can comment on them without having an Amazon account. Zocalo promises 200GB of cloud storage for a $5 monthly fee, with Amazon Workspaces customers getting 50GB of free Zocalo storage with the option to increase their cloud storage to 200GB for $2 monthly – a little less than half the cost when compared to other Amazon customers and new users. Businesses can sign 50 users up for a free, 30-day trial.


Amazon’s new Zocalo cloud storage service will mostly appeal to Amazon customers who’re already trapped within Amazon services. As Pund-IT industry research analyst Charles King says, “what we’re seeing here is Amazon actively trying to get deeper into its customers’ pockets.” As for Amazon, Zocalo has some serious competition already, with “Amazon getting here really, really late” according to King.

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One thing’s for sure: Amazon’s new Zocalo cloud service will certainly appeal to Amazon Fire phone users – who’ve one more reason, like iOS users with Apple, to stay within Amazon’s new mobile walled garden.

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