Google has only released the developer preview of Android L, its soon-to-be latest and greatest update for Android, to Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices. But, as always, you can be sure that the Android modding community’ll always find a way to root their devices and obtain access to new updates that’ve yet to arrive on other Android devices.

Such is the case with XDA Developers member ssrj, who released the direct port for the HTC One Android L Preview this past Friday. The rooter noted in his announcement that there’re certain things that work (GPS) and others that don’t (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, Sound, Sensors, and web data). In other words, this’ll get Android L on your HTC One M7 (the 2013 HTC, not the 2014 model), but don’t expect to be able to carry on as if Google’s released it to the HTC One just yet.

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Another XDA Developer member, manups4e, helped ssrj out with the HTC One Android L port. He says that the MTP won’t work on the HTC One as well and that porting Android L over to the HTC One M7 results in some troubles with the SD card. All in all, the Android L HTC One port looks to be rather buggy, but, if you want to have a new bragging right for your friends and don’t mind the rooting risk, it’s worth the effort.

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Android L will soon make its way via the Android rooting community to other devices, so stay tuned to Inferse for the latest on the Android rooting community.