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Galaxy Note 4 to feature a retinal scanner


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 party is just about eight weeks away – and the Korean manufacturer’s throwing a pre-celebration in advance that brings a little modernity to Tom Cruise’s Minority Report.

A new tweet by the company about its Galaxy Note 4 that’ll be announced in September posits the idea that the next-generation phablet may come with an eye scanner. At Twitter, @SamsungExynos tweeted the message “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use?#ExynosTomorrow,” giving us some food for thought.

First, we know Samsung’ll provide a new security feature. But the next clue is when SamsungExynos says, “that’s what we envision,” placing a picture with an eye on a smartphone display in the tweet. Last, the statement “unlock the future” gives us some clues as to how Samsung intends to implement the eye scanner into the Galaxy Note 4 experience. Similar to Google’s very own “face detection,” Samsung’s eye scanner will serve as an eye detector that allows you to unlock your phone by way of an eye scan.

galaxy note 4 with eye scanner

If you look to the right of the smartphone in Samsung’s picture, you’ll see a list of items with dollar amounts to the right of the item itself. Remember Samsung’s fingerprint scanner? When the Korean manufacturer announced the Galaxy S5 back in February at Mobile World Congress, the company said that the fingerprint scanner would also be used for PayPal purchases and payments. If the eye detection to the left of the Twitter photo and the purchases and items to the right of the photo’ve any connection, it’s that Samsung looks to use the eye scanner to make and send PayPal purchases as well.

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If Samsung implements an eye scanner, it will be the most innovative means of security we’ve seen yet. Samsung critics’ve gone on the record as saying that Samsung doesn’t have original, innovative ideas – but we’ve not seen a single patent from Apple yet with regard to an eye scanner in the iPhone experience.

In the same way that Samsung made the phone/tablet hybrid, Air View and Air Gesture, and Smart Pause and Smart Scroll popular, the company’s planning to use its flexible, YOUM displays and eye scanner to chart its own course and become a trendsetter once again for others to follow.

Samsung will announce its Galaxy Note 4 at the IFA 2014 Conference in Berlin, Germany this September. Keep your eyes on the date and the Note 4 – and we’ll keep our eyes on the eye scanner.

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