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Apple iPhone 6 phablet launch delayed until 2015 due to production issues


Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model that’s been rumored in the news is one of the most exciting things about Apple’s next-generation smartphone. And for many iPhone users, the “phablet” iPhone that’s been spotted in photos and quotes from tech analysts is the one that many iPhone users have been waiting for.

Unfortunately, iPhone users may have to find a new reason to celebrate the iPhone 6 because a new report states that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model won’t emerge until November. The Apple announcement will take place around early September, with iPhone 6 sales to start around September 19th.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, renown for his predictions regarding Apple’s new products annually, says that Apple’s use of in-cell touch display technology, not to mention the metal casing for the 5.5-inch model, will prove to be a problem because Apple’s never embarked on the production of such a large iPhone before. In addition, the sapphire crystal display, deemed to be Apple’s “ace in the hole,” may not pass strenuous drop tests.

In addition, from a technical perspective, we don’t expect sapphire cover, used for the first time on the 5.5-inch model, will easily pass the drop test near term. We’re conservative about the 5.5-inch iPhone launching by end-2014.

Apple’s decision to manufacture sapphire crystal displays for the iPhone 6 has been thrown around with some controversy. After all, while it’s true that sapphire crystal is a durable material, it’s also true that sapphire crystal’s durability works in certain contexts such as small amounts. When sapphire crystal’s used in large amounts, it’s “durability” turns fragile and makes any display or use of the material subject to cracks and brokenness.

Corning, the display manufacturer for Apple with Cupertino’s use of Gorilla Glass, has continued to hammer this point home time and time again, and Apple dropped its initial decision to use sapphire crystal displays on last year’s announced iPhone 5s for the same reason.

Kuo also says that the arrival of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 won’t arrive until after the September-October timeframe – possibly 2015 – meaning that the new phablet iPhone won’t arrive until after the production of Apple’s third-generation iPad Mini and its announcement in October.

Rumors similar to this have surfaced in the past regarding the iPad Mini, where it was said that Apple was struggling with placing its Retina display used in the iPad 3 into a smaller tablet form. Apple overcame this to announce the iPad Mini in October, but some discussion about Retina displays creating some sort of screen burn remained.

It’s likely that Apple will still continue its quest to manufacture its own iWatch smartwatch to be announced at the company’s September unveiling.

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