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Apple iWatch coming in three variants, rumored for fall launch


Apple rival Samsung has gotten a bad name in the eyes of some tech analysts and enthusiasts because of its 20+ smartphones released each year – many of which, outside of the high-end Galaxy devices, remain relatively unknown to most consumers. Some Android consumers believe that releasing an original phone version, then a Prime version of the same phone, plus a few additional budget-friendly spinoffs is getting to be too much for consumers to handle. Manufacturers like Samsung, however, chalk up its numerous smartphones to choice – giving customers the variety they’re looking for.

It seems that Apple’s taking a new page out of Samsung’s playbook, if the latest rumor has any substance. The Taiwan Economic Daily’s saying that Apple may emerge with not one, but three iWatch models this Fall. The budget-friendly iWatch, the most inexpensive model, will feature a 1.6-inch display. The other two iWatch models will both have 1.8-inch screens, but the most expensive iWatch will be the only famed iWatch to feature Apple’s sapphire crystal display. We don’t know anything else about how these three iWatch models may be set apart, except to say that pricing and even materials may be a factor.

What we know about the iWatch at this moment says that the item itself will be water-resistant and connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth, but we know little else about the device. Apple’s not one to offer a budget-friendly option, so the 1.6-inch iWatch will cost a pretty penny (at least $199).

A working theory on the three iWatch models says that each iWatch will be paired with an iPhone in Apple’s lineup: the 1.6-inch iWatch for the iPhone 6C, the non-sapphire crystal 1.8-inch iWatch for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and the 1.8-inch, sapphire crystal iWatch for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.


Rumors have stated this week that Apple may not be able to offer the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 until 2015, since Apple’s having production issues with the new iPhone metal casing (not to mention the questions about the durability of the sapphire crystal display; analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t believe that the sapphire crystal display will pass hard drop tests), and that the end of 2014 is the best timeframe to shoot for.

At the same time, however, three iWatch models could simply be Apple’s way of offering a little something for everybody. Some iPhone users bought a new iPhone last year and aren’t considering an upgrade – but they’ll buy an iWatch because they love Apple.

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At the end of the day, we must still take these rumors with a gallon of salt. Rumors prior to this stated that Apple’s iWatch would carry a 2.5-inch display, which is nothing short of laughable when you consider that the iPhone 4S display size is 3.5 inches. At the same time, however, we still think that a 1.8-inch display on an iWatch is too big. With the current array of smartwatches on the market, a 1.6-inch iWatch will do just fine. As long as the user can have an in-built font selection, a 1.6-inch iWatch will more than do the job.

To complete the rumor, you can expect the famed iWatch to arrive in Q3 2014, which puts the iWatch release date at the same time as that of the iPhone 6: mid-September (19th or 20th), with the release of the iWatch and iPhone 6 to occur ten days later, the date provided by Amazon Japan.

What do you think? Are you excited about an Apple smartwatch coming to market? Have you protested against other smartwatches but now find yourself changing your mind because Apple’s rumored to bring an iWatch to market? Do your thing in the comments.

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