The Lumia 930 is an excellent device for Windows users who prefer it over other competitive offerings, but the device isn’t without its issues. Now that Verizon’s Lumia Icon has made its way across the globe (as the Lumia 930 in places outside the US), early adopters are experiencing battery heat and drain issues with the device.

From what we’ve gathered, battery heat issues are affecting some but not all Lumia 930 users. Some have noticed that their battery heats up (the back of the device gets warm) when they’re surfing the Web, for example. Some have said that the overheating issue is somewhat warm, but not any different from other Lumia devices they’ve had in the past.

One user in particular said that his Lumia 930 saw battery drain while installing apps and setting up the Lumia 930 for the first time, but the heat returned while browsing the Web. Perhaps it’s the case that the aluminum body is causing heat to transfer faster, but one user notes that a “factory reset” solved his problem. If you’re experiencing the battery heating issues, perform a factory reset to see if it’ll improve your phone before giving up on the Lumia 930 at the moment.

Heat can also melt aluminum (as it can other build materials), but, if you don’t see the device melting, it’s likely your fingers will feel the burn. One user noted that his palm felt as if it’d been burned off when the heat issue occurred on the back of his Lumia 930.

Alongside of the battery heat issue comes large battery drain, as “many users” are said to be affected by the Lumia 920 bug. A new update that arrived for the Lumia 930 on Saturday has been said to solve the problem with battery drain. Make sure you download the new update and note if anything improves or remains (or worsens).

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While Lumia 930 users are experiencing problems in scattered numbers, other device users are going through the same things. Samsung’s been on the chopping block lately for its new Galaxy Tab S tablet that is overheating and burning the back cover of the tablet. Samsung’s allowing current Tab S users to exchange their deformed Tab S for a new one. Sony users have also experienced Xperia Z battery drain when upgrading from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The Galaxy S5, running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, has had its moments when surfing the Web gives the back of the device a warmer-than-usual feeling.

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Have you noticed battery heat and drain issues with your Lumia 930? If so, feel free to let us know the specific problems you’re having, what steps you’ve taken to remedy the situation, as well as what unique problems you’re having that you haven’t noticed from other Lumia 930 users.


  1. the heating and battery drain is the dark beast that plagues Windows Phone. I know that Wp7 and 7.5 are completely different to wp8 but I am confident that I had the same issue on both types (Nokia Lumia 800 and 920). Both WP OSs are extremely stable in my experience, hardly ever freeze but they both suffer from two major bugs: 1. random reboots and 2. the heating, as if the CPU goes into a mad loop for nothing. Both issues are rare (and in my case almost completely absent after the Amber update) but I think they still plague my 920. They come out of the blue and cant be explained or re-enacted, hard reset usually helps but not always and it is a shame that Microsoft hasn’t found a solution and more than that – I suspect, that although the WP7 and WP8 have different kernels, they have more in common than most “experts” believe, thus these two prpblems suspiciously show in both OS versions.

  2. I have a Nokia 1020 phone, I love the camera, but I dislike that I can not get droid apps and the like. That being said My phone since I got it has always over heated,frozen, shut down, had to reboot, almost burned my hand, would not charge , nor power on and does not reg the proper amount of charge. Still in Warrenty Nokia offered to replace it. They also stated that this behavior was UNUSUAL, not the norm . Yet all my searching for answers on the net /forums for these phones told be beforehand about this denied by Nokia issue. I was told it was only jealousy, and other vendors rumors and propaganda! REALLY?

    • I had the 1020. None of the issues on my phone. Everything worked like clockwork. The only time I had to restart the phone was when I used up all the battery. Just remembered that the 1020 got a little warm around the camera module. Just warm to the touch, not hot. Maybe 35-40’C.

      I now got the 930. Slight warming on the lower right corner on the aluminium frame. If I had to guess, I’d say it heats to maybe 40-45’C. So It’s warm but not burning to touch.
      If the aluminium frame is used to cool down the cpu as I suggest, then I would rather have the aluminium heat up and not the cpu…

      Battery seems to last pretty well on my 930. I use the phone a lot during the day to surf the web, social media and e-mails. I use unlimited 4G as main data connection (why on earth does MS make us connect to wi-fi to download “big” software??). Usually when I hit the bed at night I have maybe 20% battery left.

      On the 1020 I usually had to charge it well before going to sleep, but it had smaller battery anyways.

      On a side note, I use 520 as my work phone. I have no issues with that either. Though, I don’t really use many features on it. Mostly just calls and TXT and some e-mails and random photos if I need to send them to a co-worker. What I’m really surprised about it is the battery life on light use. This thing stays alive 3-4 days without charging… well I shut it down when I leave work so that helps alot. Also, I have disabled GPS and wifi. It does sync the email&calendar all the time via 3G and I get maybe 10-30 calls per day.

      I’ve had HTC desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S3. I still have Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.
      I do prefer the windows phone now over android.
      Android is always lagging and I have to constantly shut down background processes and reset cache and stuff. None of that on Lumia.

      On the other hand. Friend of mine had the 1020 and his phone randomly lost all contacts and phone numbers. The next day it worked normally again. Maybe it was because he switched from iPhone to Lumia 😉

  3. I have a Nokia Lumia 930 got this on 18th July day after release in the UK. The build quality is fantastic and the screen is impressive. I notice that under minimal load, for example E-mail use and browsing the web with internet explorer, the back right hand corner of the phone gets unusually hot. This spreads to the bottom of the phone and even the metal bezel at the bottom gets hot. This does not spread further up the device. Also the battery drains very quickly this only seems to happen when I am using apps or reading/responding to E-Mails. I have spent a lot of time making calls and the battery doesn’t drain at the same rate! One thing to add is that the call quality is amazing.
    At the current rate of usage I am in to charging my device every afternoon, and I am by no means a heavy user. Apps that tell me how many miles I have ran in a day or what my heart rate is don’t really interest me, I am a big user of E-Mail.

  4. I feel I have literally every problem possible with this phone. Battery drains like crazy on basic use such as internet browsing or pretty much whenever my screen is on. I.e. It drains up to 20% (or even more) per hour. As such, it overheats like crazy and I can really feel the burn on my palm. But the worst we last night when I unplugged my phone after charging at 100% and for some reason when I woke up 6 hrs later, it dropped to 4%. That’s insane. ON IDLE USE.

    I have also intermittently observed a purple hue on the screen.


  5. I had this exact issue, phone heating to the point it couldn’t be held near the lower right corner. I backed up the phone, performed a factory reset, restored from that backup, and now the heat in that corner is normal and the battery life has stabilised. I don’t know if this is relevant but the display update in the store wasn’t applied and I’m not risking applying it in case that somehow was the trigger last time. So relieved I found a solution – hope this works for others too!

  6. Phone heats up at all times. When browsing web or using apps its getting very very hot, not warm its really very hot. Also when is charging sometimes % doesnt rise and the phone is so hot I can not touch it. Its not something I would expect when Ive paid £420 for. I am lucky I had 14 days change your mind policy so I could return my phone without any problem. Also when I tried to ring nokia care line I was shocked what kind of service is nokia providing. Some of the advisers cant speak proper english and have no clue what they are talking about. So if you are on iphone do not make a mistake to go this way as you are going to get untested device with number of issues and extremly bad customer service.

  7. They need to provide a major firmware/ OS update that will contain only bug fixes,optimizations and perfomance improvements that will resolve this issue for all nokia devices that are suffering from this issue like NL 920/930/925/1020 and probably many more..!

  8. I wouldn’t recommend this phone. Apart from Here Drive every thing else is bad.
    Can’t attach a file to a new email or when replying other than a photo. You can only attach office docs; even that has to go through office application. You cannot reply to a mail and attached even a office doc as Microsoft purposly restric the user to only attach photos. I didn’t expect that when I spent £430 of my hard earned money on a supposed to be a smartphone. Its any thing but smart.
    Phone got extreamly hot after 45 minutes of Here Drive navigation. And since the battery was running out like crazy, I had to plug the charger in. At the end of the journey I had to wait for few minutes in the car to let the phone to cool down so I can take my phone with me. Another occation when I was using the Here drive app, I stopped the car to answer call. Since I hadn’t had hands free I had to use a towel to get the phone on my hand. But I still couldn’t get the phone close to my ear as the that heat had tranferred to the glass nearly burnt my ear.
    I saw one guy written article online about the Nokia 930 overheating. He had measured 55 degrees C. Anything above 44 degrees C may cause burns. Really.. Nokia… have really tested this product.
    Oh my god… how did Nokia achive the CE marking for UK. This product is not fit for purpose.
    — Back to navigation
    But i found that the battery isn’t charging fast enough to keep up with power extraction by the Heredrive navigation app. But you would think that if Microsoft has any decent software/hardware developer they would switch to charger supply to operate the phone whilst connected so the charger so the battery could charge faster. I think their brains must have hurt thinking that far..
    Ohh.. on the subject of charging … you can’t power down the phone while charging or power down to charge the phone. Its stupid… soon as you plug the charger in, phone starts it self; or restarts if you try to power down the phone while charging. But if you try to power down the phone while charging… it ask you “slide down to shutdown”.. It even says good bye… Why prompt an option when it doesn’t execute what it supposed to do. What a stupid phone. It is so annoying.
    Same for speed dial.. If you are trying to make quick call to a contact in your phone book.. you can’t type his/her name on the key pad.. although the key pad shows the alphabet.. it doesn’t respond. So you have to :
    1. Press phone book icon
    2. Either Scroll down…
    or goto the letter group which the contact belongs to(Two Presses)
    (Even if you have got there… if that letter contains a very long list… you have to still scroll)

    or Press search
    type name to search
    and click name.
    I mean…. goodness me.. Who approved this much amount of clicking.. Is this a smart phone?
    Microsoft is so incompetent!!..
    Most of the apps like look like they consist of IE components. Apps like FB is very sluggish. Nokia 930 has the same spec as the last year’s LG G2. But LG G2 is much nicer to hold and over £100 cheaper. I don’t know why Microsoft has over priced a old spec phone.
    Ohh.. XBOX music.. What a rubbish app. Infact i think it the OS. Because I downloaded few music apps because XBOX music app kept crashing the phone. When it didn’t crash.. it was inhibiting my ringtone. I only realised that when I had a call after using XBOX music app but the phone didn’t ring. All other music apps from the store gave me the same problem. So it look like Windows API to blame.
    Windows mobile 8.1 has a long… long… long… long way to go. Most of the apps look naf anyway. I think Microsoft is trying to bully their customers to buy this phone for top money and offer next to nothing features for it. My 4 year old HTC desire still works without a hitch.
    At one point I thought Windows 3.11 is so much better that Windows Mobile 8.1

    Luckily I went back to the store and got the refund. Phones 4 U was reluctant to give the refund initialy. They acted like they never heard this problem.
    All you guys out there.. I’m not disrespecting your preferences.. but Nokia/Mocrosoft owe you something decent when charging £430. Even if you are a windows mobile fan… think before you spend your money.
    In my case.. I got the refund and bought LG G3, 32GB with 3GB ram with SD card slot expansion for the same amount of money. Much much nicer phone 🙂
    Microsoft get your act together!!!

      • Same here, my 930 works fine, i’m running 8.1 developer preview with GDR1 update. Managed 36 hours out of one battery charge. I keep seeing loads of complaints about heating & / or poor battery life. I wonder how many have location service / Bluetooth / NFC always on & / or loads of apps running all the time in the back ground?

        • Well I am running the same OS and the heat issue is insane. Last night I had Youtube on for 18 minutes and the heat as described above was beyond acceptable. Phone is winging it’s way back to Carphone Warehouse who had happily suggested a few different handsets.

  9. Nokia Lumia 930.. Took a new one about a month ago and over the last two weeks it gets hot and drains battery from 100% to almost zero in an hour..

    Contacted service provider and they organised a replacement handset. Did the change over today and after setting the new phone up and recovering the back up it now is acting the same as the old one???

    Obviously a bug in the back up from the old handset or a dodgey app. We have two lumias and the other handset is fine- Strange

    I suppose it’s a case of going through a process of elimination, but it could take a while.. Will report back with my findings.

  10. Battery drains very fast: On WiFi, I have to recharge by midday. I now start the day fully charged, recharge around 2pm latest and again in the evening and because of the fast draining, I use it less for checking up on my work after hours than my previous 930, so why buy it for that purpose if you cannot use it (business/connectivity)? Sometimes gets VERY hot. Peculiar. These are major issues – fail. Other functions are good. Bad advert for Windows Phone cause.

  11. I purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 from Singtel Singapore on a
    contract. The phone would heat up during normal use (making phone calls,
    checking email, browsing internet, etc..) after two weeks the screen starting
    showing signs of heat damage.

    I would have expected a nokia phone to have lasted longer than two

    On the recommendation from the Singtel retail store I handed my phone
    into Nokia Singapore (Harbourfront) to be repaired under
    warranty. Although I would have really expected a replacement handset
    given that the phone was only 3 weeks old at this point. Apple seem to provide
    this service all through their warranty period.

    After three weeks and I was still waiting for my phone to be
    repaired. I tried calling the service center over 20 times, yes over 20
    times and with no reply. I also tried calling Nokia support and it is so
    automated that there is no option to talk to a person regarding my service
    request or just in general (it has now been changed). I also tried re-visiting
    the service center where I dropped off the phone and it had closed down! With a
    note to call Nokia AKA the same I tried before which is (was) useless to a
    human being.

    When I did finally got hold of a Nokia rep over virtual chat, they were
    helpful in answering my questions and providing an update but with no real
    result. I was told that the service center are waiting on an important part to
    arrive but without a date when it might arrive.

    Well it’s now been over six weeks that Nokia Singapore has had my phone. Apparently the parts are still on their way and the delay is due to bulk shipping them… really? from where the moon???!

    The Nokia rep was pretty much useless (again). In that he couldn’t provide a
    timeframe or even escalate my call other than add a priority to the repair
    once the part(s) arrive, whenever that might be.

    According to Nokia’s own Limited Warranty, “During the warranty period, Manufacturer will, in a reasonable time, remedy the Defect free of charge by either repairing or replacing the defective Product or the defective part of it at its option provided that you have informed Manufacturer of the Defect before the warranty period expires.” Anyone with an iodate of common sense would determine that 6 weeks for a phone repair is beyond a “reasonable time”.

    Surely it must be cheaper to just provide a replacement phone than ship parts over to Singapore??

    I purchased this phone from Singtel and its just money wasted as far I’m
    concerned as what is the point on owning a phone without being able to use it?

    Nokia Service in Singapore is absolutely atrocious and non-functioning,
    compounded with an unannounced service center closure I don’t see a future for
    Nokia here.

    Also given my recent experience this will be the last Nokia phone I’ll be getting,
    back to HTC or even Samsung for me.

    The whole experience has been utterly frustrating.

    Shame on you Nokia.


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