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Nokia Lumia 930 experiencing heat and battery drain issues


The Lumia 930 is an excellent device for Windows users who prefer it over other competitive offerings, but the device isn’t without its issues. Now that Verizon’s Lumia Icon has made its way across the globe (as the Lumia 930 in places outside the US), early adopters are experiencing battery heat and drain issues with the device.

From what we’ve gathered, battery heat issues are affecting some but not all Lumia 930 users. Some have noticed that their battery heats up (the back of the device gets warm) when they’re surfing the Web, for example. Some have said that the overheating issue is somewhat warm, but not any different from other Lumia devices they’ve had in the past.

One user in particular said that his Lumia 930 saw battery drain while installing apps and setting up the Lumia 930 for the first time, but the heat returned while browsing the Web. Perhaps it’s the case that the aluminum body is causing heat to transfer faster, but one user notes that a “factory reset” solved his problem. If you’re experiencing the battery heating issues, perform a factory reset to see if it’ll improve your phone before giving up on the Lumia 930 at the moment.

Heat can also melt aluminum (as it can other build materials), but, if you don’t see the device melting, it’s likely your fingers will feel the burn. One user noted that his palm felt as if it’d been burned off when the heat issue occurred on the back of his Lumia 930.


Alongside of the battery heat issue comes large battery drain, as “many users” are said to be affected by the Lumia 920 bug. A new update that arrived for the Lumia 930 on Saturday has been said to solve the problem with battery drain. Make sure you download the new update and note if anything improves or remains (or worsens).

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While Lumia 930 users are experiencing problems in scattered numbers, other device users are going through the same things. Samsung’s been on the chopping block lately for its new Galaxy Tab S tablet that is overheating and burning the back cover of the tablet. Samsung’s allowing current Tab S users to exchange their deformed Tab S for a new one. Sony users have also experienced Xperia Z battery drain when upgrading from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The Galaxy S5, running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, has had its moments when surfing the Web gives the back of the device a warmer-than-usual feeling.

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Have you noticed battery heat and drain issues with your Lumia 930? If so, feel free to let us know the specific problems you’re having, what steps you’ve taken to remedy the situation, as well as what unique problems you’re having that you haven’t noticed from other Lumia 930 users.

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