The iPhone 6 will have a metal body that’ll shimmer and shine in the light when it’s raised for the first time before an Apple fan crowd this coming mid-September.

According to a new rumor, however, the iPhone 6 will shine for another reason: it’s set to come with “glowing” notifications. New photos show the iPhone rear shell with the Apple logo being a separate add-on component of the iPhone – a different concept from previous iPhone versions. Usually, the Apple logo was part of the iPhone rear shell, not a separate part to itself. The photo shows, however that the Apple logo is now a piece on the rear shell that sources say could allow light to shine through.

We here at Inferse were informed this week that Apple looks to go with a 1,800mAh battery in the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 2,500mAh battery in the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. If these rumors prove true, then the light source from the glowing Apple logo (that pertains to notifications) will be yet another killer to the concept of improved battery life.


The rumor pertains specifically to text messages, but it could be the case that phone calls, emails, or even chat messages could provide notifications that’d cause the Apple logo to “glow” to alert you that you’ve missed some sort of communication contact.


Other iPhone 6 rumors pertain to two models, a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model that’ll arrive in September and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model that may not arrive until 2015. Credible rumors state that the higher-end 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models will feature sapphire crystal displays though the use of the new material seems to be a mixed bag. It’s caused some analysts such as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to say that Apple’s concerned about how sapphire crystal will endure drop tests once the iPhone 6 is released.

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One new rumor to emerge this week says that the iPhone 6 will feature a 13MP camera, as opposed to the 8MP rumor that’s circulated for months on end. Apple looks to continue getting its Exmor camera sensor chips from Japanese manufacturer Sony Electronics.

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The iPhone 6 will run iOS 8, and Apple looks to release an iWatch that’ll come in three different models: two 1.8-inch models, one utilizing sapphire crystal, the other utilizing Gorilla Glass, as well as a 1.6-inch model utilizing Gorilla Glass. Apple’s set up iOS 8 to run on its very own smartwatch models that’ll arrive this Fall, and mockups of the iWatch show Apple’s use of its Health and HealthKit apps that allow you to measure oxygen, sleep, blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, and so on.