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Apple going big with 70-80 million large iPhones ordered


Apple’s soon to release the iPhone 6 this coming September in two models, and the addition of two larger-screen iPhones to its current lineup means that more iPhones must be in place as compared to last year’s iPhone 5s.

Apple ordered 60 million iPhone 5s and 5C models last year, but the new iPhone 6 (two models) and iPhone 6C will mandate a number somewhat larger than last year’s 60 million. The Wall Street Journal says that Apple’s ordered 70-80 million iPhones for its September announcement in order to prevent the supply shortage issues the company faced last year. Apple sold about 9 million iPhone 5s models within the first three days of the phone’s unveiling. Apple made its China Mobile deal official as of this January, and a growing consumer base to which Apple’s smartphone will sell provides another reason to order an increased iPhone supply than before.

Apple’s commitment to the iPhone is big, but there’s reason for it. Apple reported its Q3 2014 earnings recently, having sold 35.2 million iPhones with revenue of $37.3 billion. Apple’s revenue increased by $2 billion from the same quarter a year earlier, showing that the iPhone’s appeal hasn’t died yet. And, with lowered iPad sales (down 9% from Q3 2013), but slow Mac sales (4.4 million), Apple’s got more reason than ever to celebrate the iPhone’s success in sales.

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Despite the iPhone 5s’s success, however, Apple’s not done. With each year comes greater demand for what’s next, and September is just two months away. iPhone 6 rumors abound, but there’re a few things we know for sure: there’re two iPhone 6 models on the way, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch. Lower-end iPhone 6 models with smaller memory storage (16GB, for example,) will have Gorilla Glass displays while higher-end 64GB and 128GB models will be graced with sapphire crystal displays. Apple already uses sapphire crystal for its rear-facing camera lens covers and the Touch ID/home button on the iPhone 5s.

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New rumors state that Apple may go with a 13MP camera utilizing Sony’s Exmor camera sensor on the new iPhone 6, not to mention an iWatch that’ll cost somewhere from $199-$299. iWatch rumors also state that Apple’ll either use a sapphire crystal display or an OLED for its first-generation smartwatch. The iWatch could support up to ten sensors that’d track things such as heart rate, blood pressure, hydration/dehydration, sleep, air pressure and altitude (barometer and altimeter), and so on via the Health and HealthKit apps Apple’s now implemented into iOS 8. Three iWatch models (a 1.6-inch, low-end 1.8-inch, and a high-end 1.8-inch model) will be provided, with Gorilla Glass/sapphire crystal screens distinguishing the two 1.8-inch models.

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We’ve heard about the possibility that the iWatch will be water and dust resistant, along with the iPhone 6 – but we’ve seen little evidence to confirm these rumors. Only time will tell. With 70-80-million iPhone orders and a winning formula in the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 will make some waves this September.

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