Nadella’s been bold with his mobile-first, cloud-first vision for post-Ballmer Microsoft. The company reported its Q3 2014 earnings yesterday, and, while Microsoft’s earnings per share didn’t rise much, Microsoft did see a rise in its sales and cloud services revenue.

Microsoft’s earnings per share now stand at $0.55, which is below Wall Street’s $0.60 expectation. At the same time, Nadella’s words about mobile and cloud are seeing some legitimacy with Microsoft’s latest report. The company’s mobile sales increased by 18% to $23.4 billion, with help from its $2 billion Nokia acquisition. In cloud services, Microsoft’s revenue rose 147% to $564 million. While $564 million doesn’t seem like much (with nearly $24 billion in mobile sales), it does show that Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services and Office for iPad software are getting some long-needed recognition. Office for iPad was a smart software release for Microsoft.

From the company’s sales, it seems that mobile and cloud are where the money’s at. And, with Microsoft’s new direction under now CEO Satya Nadella, the company’s prospects can only rise. It seems that Microsoft’s investors remain positive about Microsoft’s new direction, despite the 18,000 layoffs (the majority of them Nokia redundancies) that’re scheduled to come in the immediate future.