Beats has been the subject of the press lately due to its appeal to smartphone, tablet, and TV manufacturer Apple, Inc., who’s agreed to buy Beats Music for $3 billion due to the company’s need for greater commercial appeal to younger users.

Beats has also been known for suing artificial manufacturers of its products in China, bringing them into an Illinois court earlier this month. Unfortunately, Beats may have to put its music on hold for a while and survive a new lawsuit of its own.

Headphone manufacturer Bose, Corp. has filed a lawsuit in Delaware’s US District Court against Beats due to patent infringement, titled “Bose Corp v. Beats Electronics LLC and Beats Electronics International Ltd, in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, No. 14-cv-00980.” Bose claims that Beats has infringed upon five Bose patents, all related to noise reduction technology that Bose has placed within its headphones. “We are committed to protecting our investment, protecting our customers, and defending the patents we own,” said a Bose representative in response to the patent lawsuit filing.

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In addition to the Delaware lawsuit, Bose has also filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission (ITC) to prevent the US import of Beats products from China due to its five patent infringements upon Bose patents. Beats Electronics, claims Bose, has used its active noise reduction technology in Beats’ Studio and Studio Wireless headphone lines. Noise reduction aims to provide a clear sound while blocking out background noise that can often be heard, even with large headphones on human ears.

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Apple agreed to acquire Beats earlier this summer, but the agreement and acquisition still needs US approval before it goes through. Beats Electronics was founded in 2006 by rapper Dr. Dre (Andre Evans) and famous music producer Jimmy Iovine. In the deal, Apple’s agreed to hire both Dr. Dre and Iovine, though it seems as if both new employees will likely commute to Cupertino when needed instead of working in Apple offices regularly.

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Dr. Dre made a voice appearance at Apple’s WWDC 2014 Conference held this past June 1 to demonstrate Apple’s new audio calling capabilities within the new Mac OS X Yosemite update that’ll arrive on MacBooks this coming September. Apple declined to comment regarding the Bose lawsuit.