To add to its list of company acqui-hires, Apple’s now brought Boise, Idaho startup company BookLamp to challenge Amazon’s e-book ecosystem.

Apple confirmed yesterday that it’s now purchased BookLamp, a company that makes recommendations to readers based on unique algorithms that integrate search titles. Apple purchased the company for somewhere in the ballpark of $10 million-$15 million, though an exact figure is unknown.

It’s likely that the new Apple acquisition could allow Cupertino to improve its iBooks service and help readers find more book titles that suit their interests. As always, the goal of improving book services (or app services in general) is to encourage higher consumer spending and increase developer spotlight and publicity.

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Sources say that Apple’s new acquisition looks to rival Amazon head-on, being that the online retailer is known for its Kindle books and app that has increased consumer spending through Kindle devices. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Fire Phone announcement last month was done with increased consumer spending in mine. The Fire Phone includes an optical image detector that, with a tap, lets you find the same products on Amazon and purchase them immediately.

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Apple confirmed the acquisition yesterday but actually purchased the company earlier this Spring. Nothing official was stated at the time, but BookLamp published on its website in April that it was shutting down without any reason given for the immediate close. Now with Apple’s confirmation to tech site TechCrunch at around 6PM yesterday, we now know why.

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BookLamp was a company based out of Boise, Idaho, and makes Apple’s first Idaho company acquisition. According to a reliable source, all of BookLamp’s 10 employees have relocated to Apple, Inc. for employment.

Source: TechCrunch


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