It seems that the flagship device of HTC, the HTC One will finally make it into the US market by the month of April. Since the past few weeks, there have been a lot of issues about when and where will the HTC One be released. Even though the company had given out details about the release of the device, there were a lot of events that led to the ups and downs in the release date for the HTC One.

The HTC One is ready for release and the company has given out details about the same. But like all the previous cases, HTC has given a release window but no exact release dates. The HTC One will hit the US markets in the month of April, but there is no saying whether it will be the start of April or the end.

Not that HTC is to be blamed or all this (because we assume they have their reasons), but this clearly indicates that ‘something somewhere went terribly wrong.’ We expected HTC to come up with a great device when they gave out information about the HTC One, well they did! And after that, we expected the company to bring the HTC One into the market in full swing and try to dominate the next-gen smartphone market, which they do not seem to be doing yet.

All we know for now is that the HTC One will be available in US by April. HTC gave out this information to Wired in an e-mail. HTC said

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

An HTC official did confirm the fact that the delay in the release is due to the shortage in components that are required to build the HTC One. If this problem would not have come up, the HTC One would have been available in the US by the end of March meaning that instead of reading this post you would have been messing around on your new HTC One.