Contract free value plans are now available on T-Mobile as the carrier company takes a new step in order to offer something different and something that will suit many of the consumers in the market. All of these contract free value plans from T-Mobile will include unlimited calling and unlimited texting. The cheapest from all these plans is the $50 plan which gives you unlimited calling and texting at the same time offers 500MB of data plan. Consumers who are interested in more data can increase their data limit by paying an extra amount depending upon the amount of extra data they want.

So for the $50 plan you get 500 MB, for $60 you get 2 GB, for $70 you get 4 GB and so on. And like every unlimited plan, once you reach the maximum data limit of your plan, you will be moved on to 2G speed. Each of these plans come with free Mobile Hotspot. It means using your smartphone to share internet on your laptop or computer will not be a problem either.

contract free value plans from T-Mobile

If you are ready to give away the free Mobile Hotspot feature, then you can opt for an actual unlimited plan for the price of $70. With this plan, you will be able to use unlimited calling, unlimited texting and unlimited data but will not be able to use your device as a Mobile Hotspot. This definitely is a very good plan because there is hardly anything to lose and so much to gain. Apart from unlimited talk and text, you will be able to watch as many movies as you want, stream as much music as you want, download as many games as you want and the list can go on.

So if you have been waiting for these plans to go live, then now is the time to get your favorite plan and start doing whatever you had planned for. We hope that these contract free value plans from T-Mobile will prove to be very useful to many consumers in the market.

via T-Mobile


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