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Samsung’s Milk Music radio service provides unlimited skips for $4 monthly


Samsung’s Milk Music radio service has been a Samsung exclusive for the company’s loyal customer base, similar to iTunes Radio’s exclusivity to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch customers. And, up until now, Samsung’s offered its internet radio service for free to its customers.

Milk Music provides 6 skips on each radio station, and, after exhausting the skips on one channel, you can instantly switch to another and see a new set of 6 skips on the new radio station. Samsung claims that its radio service provides “expert curation,” but it does so most of the time. Sometimes, I find myself simply turning off the radio because every song seems to be those that I don’t know (and don’t like).


Well, it’s been a rumor for a while now that Samsung would emerge with a premium service that would be ad-free, but Samsung finally decided to release the premium subscription service this week. If you own a Samsung device and have yet to update Milk Music, head over to the Google Play Store and look for the new Milk Music update under your list of apps. Once you update, you’ll be able to grab the new $4 monthly subscription.



What’re you getting for your $4 a month? According to Samsung, you’ll be able to have unlimited song skips – meaning that you can skip songs on any radio station, all the time, without the 6-skip limit. Next, you’ll also be able to turn off DJ commentary.

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Some individuals find the commentary annoying when they want to listen to the song of an artist or drown out the worries and frustrations of the day. Last but not least, you can listen to radio stations “without a network connection,” the update page says – a good sign for some who, even with a good 4G LTE connection, find that sometimes 4G lets them down.


Milk Music is a Samsung radio service that’s “powered by Slacker,” known for its own Slacker Radio service. Samsung’s entered the same competition as one can find Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and other heavyweights in. The appeal for Samsung’s Milk Music radio service is found in the fact that it’s an internet radio service already available on new Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S5.

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