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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date tipped for September 3


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 was the star of the show in 2013, and 2014 looks to showcase the beloved phablet once more. With Samsung’s Galaxy S5 announcement behind us and September ever before us, it’s a good time as any to ask, “When can we expect to see the Galaxy Note 4”? What are the Galaxy Note 4 launch date and release date, and what source(s) can we trust on the subject?

In years past, Samsung’s waited to reveal its next-generation Note at the IFA Conference in Berlin, but the company’s got a new strategy this year. A reliable source from Samsung’s home country says that the Galaxy Note 4 will be announced on September 3rd, which’ll likely place the announcement a few days before this year’s IFA 2014 Conference in Berlin. The IFA 2014 Conference starts this year on September 5th and goes through September 10th, so it makes sense that Samsung would reveal its Note 4 just two days prior to the start of IFA 2014.

The source in question is The Korea Times, and the Korean publication says that the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch OLED display (which we’re thinking is Samsung’s tried-and-true Super AMOLED) as well as the ultraviolet (UV) sensor that’ll first arrive with a new device. The purpose of the UV sensor is to help users determine if they’re being exposed to too much sunlight. Skin cancer month just escaped us, and our smartphones should be smart enough to make us aware of UV ray exposure among other things.

The same publication says that Samsung’s bringing a metal frame to the Galaxy Note 4, which should cause some readers a bit of pleasant surprise. Samsung’s not been one to use metal in days past and has stuck to its plastics because they’re easier to mass produce. At the same time, however, Samsung’s been facing stiff competition from Chinese manufacturers who’ve been selling quality devices at lower prices, and the Korean Won as a currency has struggled internationally.


Galaxy Note 4 to boast YOUM display

Additionally, Samsung wants its smartphone line to compete with the best of what customers have come to love in Apple’s iPhone experience – hence the metal frame. I’m not sure that adding a metal frame is what separates Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphones, but some iPhone customers may ascribe to this understanding. Even if Samsung adds a metal frame, there’re a number of customers who still don’t like TouchWiz (despite the fact that we never hear or read specific reasons why), and we doubt a metal Samsung smartphone (even the Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy Note 4, or some other Galaxy device) will ever steer a true iPhone fan over to Android – and, more specifically, Samsung.

Samsung’s remained secretive about its financial position, but 200 administrative officials just returned a portion of their bonuses last week because of financial strain on the company. And, if you think this isn’t bad enough, keep in mind that we’ve not seen a July presentation from the Korean manufacturer. Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Galaxy S4 Mini in London. This year, we’ve seen the Galaxy S5 Active quietly unveiled without the pomp and circumstance of last year’s unveiling, and the Galaxy K (formerly the Galaxy S Zoom series) unveiled at a small presentation. Samsung didn’t unveil these devices in the same fashion.

Galaxy Note 4 to feature a retinal scanner

Tablet purchases are down, due to Samsung’s phablet line as well as the lack of upgrade desire to replace tablets every year or two (as has been the case with smartphones). If you ask us, we think that carriers could help in this regard by subsidizing tablets so that a high-end tablet could come with a $99 with a two-year agreement.

Apart from these specs, what else can we expect from the Galaxy Note 4? The AnTuTu benchmark tells all. Among the Galaxy Note 4 features leaked that we can expect is that the “selfie” or front-facing camera will be increased from 2.1MP to 3.68MPs. We still think this is too low, at a time with HTC and Sony are providing 5MP selfie cameras – but it’s a start.

Samsung Galaxy S4 burns under pillow, third-party battery to blame

Samsung’s said that the Note 4 will have better specs than the GS5, and that’s true: it’ll have a Snapdragon 805, Adreno 420 graphics, as well as a 3.7MP front-facing camera, plus a Quad HD screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. We’ve still not heard about the battery Samsung will place inside the Galaxy Note 4, but it’s sure to reside in the high 3,000mAh range (perhaps around 3,800mAh or 3,900mAh). If the Note 4 gets a 4,000mAh battery, we’re not complaining!

A special flexible display Galaxy Note 4 will also be produced at the same time, but it’ll only be available in small number (like the Galaxy Round). It won’t likely be available until some time after the Galaxy Note 4 goes on sale in September or October, so we’d recommend that you buy the original Galaxy Note 4 if you’re too anxious to wait.


We’re glad to see Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 4 earlier than expected, though we realize that the company wants to get the edge on its “fruit” rival who’ll release a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 around that time. The Korea Times believes that Apple may sway some former Samsung users to iOS with the addition of a larger display, but anyone who makes this argument doesn’t understand the fundamental differences between Android and iOS. Having a larger screen on a device doesn’t transform the overall experience; it’s simply a nice touch, in the same way that an incremental update does. Wider displays aren’t an innate feature of Android, any more than Bluetooth is an innate feature of iOS or Windows Phone.

Well, the time’s almost here, and it won’t be long before Samsung releases its next wonder on the world. Even if the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t amass huge sales, and a number of Android customers still think that the HTC One M8 and the LG G3 are better, it won’t stop us from applauding Samsung’s effort. Sometimes, it’s true that greatness isn’t always understood and appreciated.

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