Flappy Bird was a hit sensation earlier this year, but creator Dong Nguyen took the game down quickly, without much reason as to why he did so. From what we learned then, Nguyen believed the game was becoming too addictive – and he claims he received emails about unemployment and divorce victims who were led into their plights due to their addictions to Nguyen’s game. That was enough to make Dong Nguyen pull his game from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Now, after a few months, Flappy Bird is back – but with a twist.

First off, Nguyen hasn’t brought Flappy Bird Family (the new Flappy Bird game name) back to the Play Store or the App Store; Android users can find the game in Amazon’s Android app store. Outside of Amazon’s Android app store, Amazon’s got Flappy Bird available for its own Fire TV.

Flappy Bird was a game designed to allow a user to tap the screen to have the bird flap his wings as he jumps from one green pipe. The game itself utilizes the on-screen graphics of old arcade games such as “Super Mario Bros.,” for example. Rumors flew after Nguyen removed the game that he did so in order to escape a potential lawsuit by Mario Bros. game creator Nintendo.

Google I/O app available on Google Play Store

If you want to get your hands on Flappy Bird, however, beware – you may become addicted again, the exception being that now, your entire family can play it on the Amazon Fire TV and become addicted as well. Maybe the very end of Flappy Bird will be different than before.