It seems that Google picked the right time to enter the smartwatch market with its Android Wear platform. Sony has always been the leader in smartwatches within Android, and Samsung, although later than Sony to the game, picked up on the wearables market demand earlier than the other Android manufacturers. Now that the Android OS owner Google has joined the competition, consumers are currently expecting the leather-strapped, luxury-looking Moto 360 to arrive for sale any day (despite the fact that Motorola’s posted no announcement date or release date).

HP’s been building laptop computers, desktops, and tablets in order to continue its sales tradition, but the company’s finally decided to enter a market that seems to be getting more and more crowded by the day. If you’ve seen the plastic Moto 360 timepiece that’ll likely not come with the sapphire crystal glass display you were hoping for, you may want to give the new HP Smartwatch a try.

We don’t know the name of the HP smartwatch currently, but we do know that HP’s teamed up with to construct it. It turns out that Gilt brought Michael Bastian to the table, a luxury designer who has extensive experience in the luxury clothing world.

Michael Bastian has worked at Abraham & Strauss, Sotheby’s, Tiffany & Co., Polo Ralph Lauren, and Bergdorf Goodman and has also launched his own men’s clothing line – so Bastian knows a thing or two about fashion. His name, of course, is the label that characterizes his clothing line, so the HP smartwatch is a serious luxury watch on the way that’s designed to steal some of the supposed Motorola Moto 360 market share.

As for the current smartwatch market, Google’s introduced the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Watch under its platform, with Motorola’s Moto 360 and ASUS’s $99 OLED smartwatch due out in September. HP’s Michael Bastian smartwatch now joins the company, along with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and soon, a Gear 3 smartwatch to be announced at the same time as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 announcement.

Apple iWatch coming in three variants, rumored for fall launch

Rival Apple Inc., has been said to be working on an iWatch of its own, but recent news suggests that Apple may not get the iWatch to market until the very end of the year (perhaps around October-November), with an estimated 3 million units of sales – down from the earlier estimate of about 10 million units (due to production issues).

HTC’s Android Wear powered smartwatch leaked

Are you interested in another luxury smartwatch, or do you think the smartwatch market is congested enough already?