Hashtags are becoming a popular way to search for subjects and expressions, as well as a way to give a shoutout on social media when sending a message. Unfortunately, there’re some hashtags (perhaps #ROFL or #SMH, for example) that users simply don’t understand when they’re used. There’re those who aren’t up-to-date on the latest hashtag lingo and don’t know the meanings to hashtags because they don’t use them on a regular basis.

If you’re in that camp, Twitter’s got a “Twitter hashtag for dummies” feature that’s now available via the Twitter for iPhone app. Now, when you want to use a hashtag, type the hashtag symbol (#) followed by the three, four, or five letters that you want to use or inquire about. When you do so, Twitter will now explain what the acronymic expression means when you search for it.

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We can just see the impact of this Twitter hashtag for dummies feature right now: parents will start using it on Twitter to look hip and cool in front of their children. The last thing kids want is to have their parents look cool in front of their peers. After all, just imagine if parents start using hashtags and short acronyms to describe their child’s most-embarrassing moments?

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Head on over to the Twitter for iPhone app on iOS and get started. Who knows? Maybe even the most hashtag-educated among us will learn something.