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Fake Apple iPhone 6 now available, a good knockoff

We’ve spent a lot of time here at Inferse leaking details about the iPhone 6, as well as early photos of Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

Well, as usual, the Chinese clones are out and about – and this iPhone 6 clone is rather close to the original. It’s hard to distinguish if you place it up against the iPhone 6 photos in circulation across the Web.

Someone decided to create an iPhone 6 clone that matches the rumors we’ve heard about the device. As for the specs, the iPhone 6 clone (or the “liePhone 6,” as some are calling it) features a 2.4MP front-facing camera, a 12.6MP back camera, 2GB of RAM, and a 4.7-inch display. But after the metal body, display size, RAM, and cameras, the rest of the liePhone experience is a disappointment: there’s a 960 x 540 screen resolution, which is woefully below the supposed 1700 x 960 resolution that Apple’s looking to bring to the iPhone 6 experience.

To add more salt to the wound, the iPhone 6 clone isn’t running iOS 8 (or even iOS 7 for that matter), but Android 4.4.2 KitKat – which is a modern version of Google’s OS, but not the most recent update to Android (which is actually Android 4.4.4 KitKat).

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The iPhone 6 clone presented here is nothing different from what we’ve seen with iPhone clones in the past. Most of them run Android instead of iOS, but provide something akin to a skin that looks like iOS. In fact, if you are an Android user and do a search at the Google Play Store for iOS 7 skins, you’re bound to find at least three still available for download at the Play Store.

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Still, the hardware is hard to disagree with here. Even if the device is a clone, you can’t say it doesn’t look awfully close to what we’re expecting from the iPhone 6. While we can’t see ourselves enjoying the 960 x 540 resolution, it’d be awfully nice to make our friends think we have the real iPhone 6.

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As for the Reddit user who posted it, he said that after making a trip back to the states, an Apple employee wanted to buy his iPhone 6 from his “to not tarnish the brand.” If that doesn’t tell you how spot-on this iPhone 6 clone is, nothing will.

What do you think?

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