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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will have an Exynos 5210 processor

Since a few days, there have been rumors about Samsung working on the ‘Mini’ version of its new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Rumors said that the Galaxy S4 Mini would have a dual-core processor and the overall hardware configuration made the device look like a cheap look alike of the S4. But that does not seem to be the case, since the Galaxy S4 Mini might be much more than what the rumors depicted.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was said to have a dual-core processor instead of the high performance processor present on the Galaxy S4. But just like the standard Galaxy S4, even the Galaxy S4 Mini will have an Exynos 5 chipset! According to latest reports, the Galaxy S4 Mini will be powered by a SoC (System on Chip) that will feature ARM’s big.LITTLE technology which will be called the Exynos 5210. This Exynos 5210 is said to be a variant of the Samsung Exynos 5 series which will be used in the mini version of the Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 Mini Chart

Similar to the original Exynos 5 chipset on the Galaxy S4 which has two quad-core processors, the SoC will have two dual-core processors, one of which will be a dual-core Cortex A15 and the other one will be a dual-core Cortex A7.

It is good to know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will not only have the design of the original Galaxy S4 but will also make use of its unique architecture in order to balance power and battery usage.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will have a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display with a pixel density of 256 ppi. And similar to the Samsung Galaxy Grand, it will be available in single SIM and dual SIM variant and is expected to be launched during summer this year.

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