Facebook for Windows Phone has seen its Beta mode updated with some of the latest features, but these hadn’t yet been brought over to the official Facebook app for Windows Phone. As of yesterday, however, Facebook decided to finally bring these features to its mainstream users, providing a new video upload feature, Facebook Messenger support, along with an updated design.

The new Facebook for Windows Phone update puts the version number at It’s likely that Facebook looks to announce the move of messages from the core Facebook app to Facebook Messenger.


The Zuckerberg-led company recently started making the announcement about the move of text messages to the Messenger app for Android and iOS users, telling Windows Phone users that they’d have to wait until a later time. With this new Messenger support, however, now may be the time. If so, please feel free to let us know.

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If you’re a Facebook for Windows Phone user, head on over to the Windows store and press that button to update your Facebook for Windows Phone app.

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Have you seen the new Facebook for Windows Phone update? What stands out to you as new? What do you like most about the update? What would you like to see change in the next Facebook for Windows Phone update?

Source: Microsoft


  1. I think its great but what windows phone is missing is chat call like the android app we love theses new features but I think windows phone needs a bit of a kick its disappointing that windows phone has to wait for the good updates we need more of attention then android is yes it may be popular but its time windows phone gets the good updates and android to wait were lacking behind give us chance to catch up


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