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Apple iPhone 6 could arrive on September 9


The iPhone 6 looks to be one of the hottest smartphones of the year, but we now have what could be the official date for the iPhone 6 announcement.

Re/code, has pinned Tuesday, September 9 as the date of the official iPhone 6 announcement. What we’ve seen so far is that both a Chinese Weibo account showed an iPhone 6 poster with the date “9 19,” indicating September 19 as a possible announcement date. Amazon Japan suggested that the iPhone 6 would be available on September 30th, with an educated guess for the iPhone 6 announcement coming at the beginning of the month.

It seems as though Apple will unveil both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models at its September event though we don’t have any official information on whether or not Apple’s patched up its production issues with sapphire crystal glass. As we’ve said time and time again, Apple’s purchased a sapphire crystal glass production facility out in Arizona to start making its own sapphire glass in-house, leading Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning Inc. to continue arguing that its Gorilla Glass is more durable than sapphire crystal.

At the same time, however, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that he and other analysts have something of a reserved nature about whether or not sapphire crystal glass will arrive on the iPhone 6. Apple’s been concerned about drop tests once the iPhone 6 arrives. That, and the problem Apple’s had with manufacturers regarding the implementation of a smaller battery into what will be a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 body than usual, have been the majority of Apple’s production woes. Sources say that Apple’s solved the battery problem and found a manufacturer who’ll keep the iPhone 6 battery thin and light while still giving a bit more juice for the larger screen (at around 2,500mAh), but we’ll have to wait and see.

If Apple’s production woes show anything, it’s that Corning may be right. This won’t stop Apple from getting sapphire crystal onto the iPhone 6 this Fall, seeing that sapphire crystal does protect against key strokes, knife cuts, and even shoe impact. Sapphire crystal bends when placed under shoes – giving it a flexibility that current displays don’t possess.

Apple iPhone 6 to feature glow notifications

We’ve said it time and time again about the change in screen resolution for the iPhone 6, but we’ve yet to see anything that would confirm this rumor. We do know, however, that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 5C with its emphasis on more rounded corners than before. From what we’ve seen, the iPhone 6 will have more of a brushed aluminum look than it’s ever had.

The iPhone 6 will likely feature a 13MP camera, as the latest iPhone 6 clone (called the “liePhone”) shows us. The specs of the iPhone 6 clone shown yesterday aren’t there by mistake. Prior to Apple’s release of the iPhone 5s, another company manufactured an iPhone 5s clone that matched the phone’s specs in every way except its Android operating system. Many consumers may look on these phones as “cheap knockoffs,” but keep in mind that it doesn’t cost much to make the iPhone.

Will the iPhone 6 cannibalize iPad sales even further?

Despite the $199 with a two-year contract or the $700 off-contract price we pay for iPhones, the actual price of an iPhone is in the $210-$220 range. This means that the extra cost is what you pay Apple as pure profit for the brand. When you set aside Apple’s brand name, you’ll find that these cheap knockoffs likely cost the same in manufacturing costs as the iPhone does, yet they don’t have the brand name that allows companies to charge $700 for them as does Apple.

The September 19 date from the Chinese Weibo account we’ve seen some weeks ago could have been a release date for the iPhone 6, but there’s no way of knowing that. What matters is that Apple will release its iPhone in early September, with a mid-September release. This seems to follow the typical announcement/release date cycle that Apple’s done nearly every year since the first iPhone was released in 2007.

Week in review: Apple iPhone 6 release date, iTime iWatch patent, and more

The iPhone 6 will feature Touch ID and the home-embedded fingerprint scanner, along with iOS 8, which will bring new features such as Handoff, Health, HealthKit, iCloud Drive, and allow iPhone users to monitor their health information.

Apple’s currently working with a number of renown hospitals across the US with regard to ensure that your doctor can contact you in the event of a major health crisis, and has even met with the FDA a few months ago to discuss mobile medical implementation.

And, for those of you still wanting to know about the iWatch, we’ve yet to receive anything that puts us closer to the iOS-on-your-wrist device – but we’ll stay on the lookout.

Apple stores testing iPhone 6 early upgrade plans

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