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Samsung Group to unveil Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd


Samsung’s Galaxy S5, we’ve been told this week, has had underwhelming sales – but that’s got little to do with the quality of the Galaxy S5.

There’re many tech analysts and consumers alike who think that Samsung’s GS5 has a somewhat tired design, and they can’t stand TouchWiz, but when you consider Samsung’s battery saving modes, water and dust resistance, as well as the company’s signature 16MP camera with ISOCELL technology, the GS5 is still one of the best smartphones to beat this year.

And yet, we can’t make a final ruling on the title of “the best smartphone of the year” without considering Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 that’s set to arrive this September. Samsung’s had a track record in the past of announcing the phablet at the Berlin IFA Conference, but the company’s shaking things up a little this year: what would’ve been an IFA 2014 announcement will, instead, be a pre-IFA announcement. Instead of announcing the phone on September 5th, Samsung group looks to announce its signature phone two days earlier, on September 3rd. The company sent out press invites to the big event this week.

The Galaxy Note 4, however, is considered to be the company’s premium flagship of all flagships, and, with that time of the year upon us, we’re sure that the Note 4 is soon to come and blow away anything else we’ve seen this year. You know the usual: the Note 4 will feature a large display (5.7 inches, the same as the Note 3), the wonderful S-Pen stylus will make it back to the device, but Samsung’s looking to place a Quad HD resolution into the Note 4.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date tipped for September 3

The Note 4, interestingly enough, will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor (or utilize Samsung’s Exynos processor), which will likely improve on-screen graphics and optimize battery life in a way that the Snapdragon 801 hasn’t done. With the graphics improvement arriving with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, then, it makes sense as to why Samsung didn’t place a Quad HD resolution into the Galaxy S5. LG’s done this with the LG G3, and battery life has suffered as a result. While torture tests have given the G3 an average battery life of a little over 6 hours, Sony’s Xperia Z2 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5, among others, have outpaced the G3’s battery life with 7.5-8.5 hours of battery life.

The Galaxy Note 4 will also feature a 3.68MP front-facing camera and a 16MP back camera, with the back camera, oddly enough, utilizing Sony’s Exmor camera sensor instead of Samsung’s own ISOCELL technology. This rumor has been long-standing and has yet to be replaced, and we’ve not heard any different on this front. At the same time, however, it seems that rumors about the Note 4’s camera may be confused with rumors about Samsung’s newest Galaxy entry that we’ll get into below.

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What else do we know about the Galaxy Note 4? It’ll feature a UV ray sensor that’ll be used to define the danger or risk of your sun environment (whether UV rays are high or low on a given day) as well as when to use a good deal of sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, along with the fact that S-Health already registers the temperature of your environment and tells you whether you should stay or leave the current setting.

Samsung’s committed to health, and the UV ray sensor, while it may not appeal to all, is ideal for individuals who head out into the sun on a daily basis without giving thought to the sun’s damaging UV rays. Skin cancer is real and on the rise, and even famous actors such as Hugh Jackman has battled skin cancer in recent months. And S-Health itself is valuable, considering that Samsung’s new software implementations allow you to register your stress level throughout the day and sleep patterns throughout the night.

Galaxy Note 4 to boast YOUM display

Some individuals care about health and fitness, and will use their Galaxy smartphones and Gear smartwatches to record their fitness activity. Not everyone uses these things, but Samsung’s smartphones and smartwatches have a growing user base.

You’ve heard about the two Note 4 models being offered. Sources say that the Note 4 with the usual AMOLED display will arrive on September 3rd, but the flexible display Note 4 may not arrive until later. This is an isolated rumor, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung emerge with a flexible Note 4 at the big event. After all, with company sales down some from Q2 2013, Samsung officials having returned some portions of their bonuses, and having lost to Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi in Chinese sales in Q2 and other manufacturers in India, the company feels (possibly unjustifiedly) that it’s some ground to recover.

Other stars at the September 3rd Galaxy Note 4 announcement

One point Samsung group made at the Galaxy S5 announcement earlier this Spring is that the Galaxy S5 had a slight design change because Samsung customers demanded something a bit more chic and fashionable than in years past.

Along the same lines, tech accessories have become more and more important with each passing year – and we’re not referring to screen protectors, cases, battery packs, or removable batteries, either.

This year, Samsung group looks to bring a few additional “stars” to its September 3rd unveiling. Among these are the Gear 3 smartwatch and the Gear VR headset.

Galaxy Note 4 to feature a retinal scanner

We’re not surprised to see Samsung unveil a Gear 3 in September, but what is surprising are the rumors surrounding it. We’ve heard earlier this summer that Samsung intends to bring a cellular-connected smartwatch to market (called the Gear Solo), and we’ve not yet seen the wrist device. That sets the stage, however, for the Gear Solo’s arrival on September 3rd. If so, the Gear Solo will revolutionize the smartwatch market, since many individuals would love the idea of having a smartwatch that can be an all-in-one device without Bluetooth connectivity. We can’t wait to get our hands on one this Fall.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset unveiling is no surprise, since we’ve already seen photos of the Gear VR headset and heard about Samsung’s partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus to produce it. Oculus is providing the software while Samsung’s providing some hardware for the device. In exchange for Oculus’s software experience, it’s been said that Samsung’s giving Oculus some of its top-notch OLED displays to enhance the Oculus Rift VR headset that’s soon to arrive also. At this point, however, Samsung’s Gear VR would beat Sony’s Morpheus VR headset to the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs and models confirmed in AnTuTu benchmarks

All of these tech gadget accessories will accompany the Galaxy Note 4 this Fall – along with the Galaxy Alpha. Stay tuned to Inferse, as we’ll provide more details as we get closer to the main event.

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