There have been many Windows Phone critics who scoff at the third-largest mobile OS in the world because “it doesn’t have enough apps,” or so the saying goes. Android was accused of the same thing, and there was once a time in which all Android gadgets would lose out to the iPhone and iPad because “they don’t have Apple’s app-rich App Store,” it was claimed. Now, Android is catching up to the competition if not there already, and the criticism that was once the hands-down hat tipper to iOS no longer applies.

Pretty soon, it may not apply to Windows Phone, either.


According to Microsoft PR spokeswoman Julie Morgan’s announcement yesterday, the Windows Phone store has now surpassed 300,000 apps: “Microsoft By the Numbers has the latest: Phone in particular is +300K. I expect universal Windows apps to help,” Morgan posted at Twitter. That’s the addition of 100,000 new apps from December 2013 to June 2014 – a gain of 100,000 apps in just 6 months! Who knows how many apps Windows Phone will have by the end of the year?

BlackBerry Messenger beta for Windows Phone now available

Within the last eight months, the Windows Phone Store has seen the addition of apps such as developer app #wpdev, Slowly, InstaSize, Anti Mosquito!, Urban Air, ToolKit, Microsoft file manager Files, film simulator Black, cloud manager CloudMesh, cloud media manager Telegram. We’ve also compiled a list of 24 additional apps that have arrived at the Windows Phone Store this year:

  • Badland
  • Hotel Tonight
  • HP AiO Remote
  • BrickVoid
  • VH1
  • FitBit
  • Uber
  • Nokia Creative Studio
  • Climatology
  • BookViser Reader
  • Swarm
  • Houzz
  • Barclays Pingit
  • Snapcam
  • BBC iPlayer Radio
  • Files&Folders Pro
  • Aviva Drive (for UK users only)
  • Levitagram
  • Bing Food and Drink
  • Bing Health and Fitness
  • Bing Travel
  • OneShot
  • Hello Friends
  • Lock Buster

Facebook for Windows Phone updated with new beta features

In honor of the Windows Phone Store milestone, head on over to the store and download these apps now. Congrats to the Windows Phone Store on this milestone and we’re sure there’ll be many more app milestones to come.



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