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Virginia has fastest average internet speeds in the US


The latest “State of the Internet” study crowned Virginia with the speediest Internet access, while Alaska was ranked the slowest in the United States.

The report was conducted and published by Akamai Technologies. Surprisingly, California was not stamped as one of the state’s offering the fastest Internet services.

Various factors considered, while deciding the fastest and the slowest Internet service in U.S, were the health of the computer, the broadband provider, exact location of the house where the service is being used, the programs that are running, the quantity of computer memory, add-on programs, spyware and viruses.

Apparently, Akamai Technologies is the leading provider of cloud services. In administering the study, the latter pointed out the average Internet speed of every state in the U.S.


Here is the list of the top ten States:

  • Virginia – 13.7 Mbps
  • Delaware and Massachusetts – 13.1 Mbps
  • Rhode Island – 12.9 Mbps
  • District of Columbia – 12.8 Mbps
  • Washington – 12.5 Mbps
  • New Hampshire – 12.3 Mbps
  • Utah – 12.1 Mbps
  • Michigan – 11.8 Mbps
  • Connecticut – 11.7 Mbps

Sadly, California, despite being the birthplace of high tech industry, ranked No. 20 in the “State of the Internet” report. Its average Internet speed was 10.9 Mbps. This was due to the many rural areas found in that state that decreased their average state speed.


Landing in the bottom 10 with the slowest Internet services are Idaho, Louisiana and Missouri with 7.7 Mbps, New Mexico and Mississippi standing at 7.6 Mbps, West Virginia at 7.5 Mbps, Montana, Kentucky and Arkansas together with 7.3 Mbps and last one Alaska with 7.0 Mbps.

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South Korea’s whopping average Internet speed of 23.6 Mbps surely shocked the United States. It was not even close with that of Virginia’s.

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