We’ve seen some early photos of the mid-range Lumia 830, but we’ve now received new photos the supposed device. And the camera seems to be even better than we first reported.

Some said that the mid-range Lumia 830 would come with an 8MP rear shooter, but the new images show a rear shooter even better than we dreamed. A Verizon source says that the Lumia 830 will ship with a 20.1MP PureView camera instead of the expected 8MP (or even 13MP) that many were expecting – which changes things immensely.

Apart from the camera, the Lumia 830 matches the Windows Phone and Lumia experience with which we’re familiar, the difference being that new Lumia 830 photos will now show the Cortana integration that’s become a part of the Windows family via Windows Phone 8.1.

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As for what we know about the Lumia 830, it’ll feature a 4.5-inch display with 1280 x 720p screen resolution, a microSD card slot for memory storage expansion, and “some decent specs.” Microsoft’s already sent out an invitation to its IFA 2014 announcement that happens to contain a camera symbol – a sign that the company’s bringing the best of the Lumia series a little further than it’s been in the past.

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While today’s photos do show Windows Phone and the Lumia hardware, we know little else about the device except for a leaked video that shows Cortana on the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. As we receive more from our sources, we’ll return to provide updates until Microsoft’s IFA announcement.

Source: baidu


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