Foursquare announced some time ago that the company intended to divide its Foursquare app into two, with the core app being reserved for recommendations to restaurants, landmarks, and other places and the other (the new app called Swarm) for check-ins and searches for friends at local locations.

The company recently released the new Foursquare app that now leads Android and iOS users to download the Swarm app, but Windows Phone users finally get to “check-in” on the fun.

The new Swarm app has been released for Windows Phone today. “We’re so excited to announce Swarm is now available to download on Windows Phone. It’s the best way to keep up and meet up with your friends, so pin it to your start screen today,” the company announced at The Foursquare Blog.

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While Swarm, the familiar check-in and social networking app, has been released, Foursquare hasn’t yet released the new Foursquare app. The site announced today that the new Foursquare app should arrive this Fall, so you’ll have to wait until then.

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For now, however, Windows Phone users have 1 (and soon 2) new social apps to win over your Android and iOS friends to the Windows Phone platform. To get the new Swarm app, head on over to the Windows Phone Store and download it today.


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