Verizon’s been notorious in the minds of some consumers for its over-priced plans, and some tech sites have committed to attacking the company at every opportunity. A quick perusal of Internet complaints will convince you if you aren’t convinced already. At the same time, however, the one justification for Verizon’s data plan prices has been that in rural areas, Verizon Wireless provides far better reception and coverage in the US than carriers T-Mobile or Sprint.

A new Verizon plan for single lines, however, is a good start in changing the public perception about Verizon. The company has now introduced a single-line plan with unlimited talk and text (and 2GB of data) for just $60 a month. While you’ll still pay $40 a month for the line activation, you’ll only pay $20 for 2GB of data. Keep in mind that this $60 plan is for customers who have only one line on their monthly bill.

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For families, or individuals who choose to have two or more lines open, Verizon’s new More Everything Plans offer more for your money. The company just increased its monthly data allowance to allow you to pay $60 (data only) for 3GB of data instead of 2GB (the former Share Everything Plan). With Verizon’s More Everything Plans, you can use your data on up to 10 devices that you and your family own on a monthly basis.

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Some individuals don’t want or need additional data, and own a smart TV of some kind where they don’t watch movies or need to browse the Web on a tablet (unless it’s Wi-Fi). In that case, the $60 plan is probably the best single-line plan to come to Verizon yet. We think that this new Verizon plan is only the beginning, seeing that T-Mobile’s been effective (along with AT&T) in getting Verizon to rethink its strategy. At the end of the day, customers are what keep a carrier on top.


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