Remember Flappy Bird? It hasn’t been gone from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for that long, but it seems as though the craze surrounding the game has taken the plunge into the abyss. When Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen removed the game from both app stores because “I can’t take it anymore,” he meant that, despite the game’s addictive nature (which he did point out), the real issue with the game was its success. According to some inside sources, Nguyen’s parents didn’t even know he was a game developer (or that the game was his creation) until the media started poking around his hometown and friends and family to find out more about him.

And at the time, we said that Flappy Bird would return.

Well, Dong Nguyen hasn’t yet brought back his beloved game to addicted gamers, but he is thinking about it (or so he says).

In the meantime, however, Nguyen’s got a new game that looks to provide a different yet equally addictive feel to it. The latest? A new game called “Swing Copters” is headed to mobile app stores this Thursday.

What is “Swing Copters”? It’s a game that gets you to think about moving “up” and “down,” rather than from “left” to “right.” In Flappy Bird, you had to maneuver a bird as he flapped his wings and jumped from one green tunnel pipe to another. In Swing Copters, however, you’ll have the “privilege” (we say this loosely) of guiding a bird who now has a helicopter on his helmet past two swinging hammers. There are two hammers the bird has to pass in order to collect points, and, depending on the direction of the swinging hammer at the time you pass each hammer set, you could end up advancing higher in the sky or falling to the ground below.

Flappy Bird resurrected from the ashes, now a family game

Swing Copters will definitely test the flying skills of gamers who can’t get enough of challenges, but it’ll still frustrate you. If Flappy Bird is any indication, gamers will once again lose their homes, jobs, spouses, children, and money to learn how to beat this game. As for Nguyen, he says that the game will cost 99 cents and will eliminate ads upon payment. We can already see this game as a new one that’ll lead to the destruction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Ls everywhere.

If you don’t want to wait until Thursday, you can always check out the Flappy Bird spinoffs at the Google Play Store. As of this moment, there are about 250 Flappy Bird spinoff games, with titles such as “Floppy Bird,” “Happy Bird Pro,” “Flippy Bird Pro,” “Flappy Butter Fly,” “Flappy Smosh,” “Clumsy Bird,” “Flappy 3D,” “Flappy Bee,” “Flappy Fish,” “Flappy Batman,” “Flappy Turtle,” “Flappy Selfie,” “Flappy Potato,” “Flappy Stache,” and some others that defy common sense.