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Dropbox announces Mailbox for Mac, now in public beta


Cloud storage provider Dropbox has had its Mailbox app available on iOS and Android for some time now, but Mac users have been left in the cold – that is, until now. Dropbox tested an early version of Mailbox for Mac back in April but needed a little more time before its release. The time is now ripe.

Today, the Mailbox Team announced its Mailbox for Mac release, citing features such as snooze and draft support that will allow you to sync drafts on all your devices and quiet messages until one prepares to sort through his or her messages at a later time. Mailbox has always been effective at helping individuals sort through their email accounts and reduce the number of sitting emails in one’s account. While Mailbox has been a positive to help mobile users organize their lives, we’d still like Mailbox to send faster notifications than, say, Gmail, for instance. Gmail seems to have a quicker email notification response than Mailbox.

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The Mailbox for Mac public beta release is only for those, however, who are signed up for the beta release. As the Mailbox team said about the Mailbox for Mac beta release, “If you signed up for the wait list, keep an eye on your email over the coming weeks – we’ll be sending you a small attachment that we call a betacoin. This coin will unlock your copy of Mailbox for Mac and turn on the mobile ‘snooze to desktop’ feature.”


At least Mailbox users can rejoice for now – the Mac release is soon to arrive. As the Mailbox Team says, stay glued to your email.

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Mailbox was purchased by cloud storage provider Dropbox in March 2013, and Dropbox has (so far) allowed Mailbox to retain its company name and app.

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