Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure isn’t wasting any time trying to grab new customers, with the CEO announcing a new plan that offers more data for a lower price.

Unveiled on Monday as the Family Share Pack Plan, this new tier from the mobile carrier is far more cost-effective than previous plans and allows a family of four to enjoy 20GB of shared data for $160/month. To give some perspective, top competitors Verizon and AT&T charge the same amount, but for half the data.

Sprint appears to have complete confidence in their new idea too, as the company is launching a limited-time promotional offer that will cut the price down to $100/month until 2015. Unlimited Talk & Text are still part of the deal and, as if that wasn’t enough, customers can get an additional 2GB of data per line added (up to 10). This particular promotion doesn’t kickoff until this Friday, August 22, however, so don’t go rushing out the join up with Sprint just yet.

But if/when you do decide to switch, Sprint has yet another promotion lined up for those coming from another carrier. Sprint will buy out the families’ contracts, in addition to waving the charges placed on phones, tablets and other devices. Of course, in order for this to happen, customers need to sign up 20GB of data or higher, and all devices must be bought through Sprint Easy Pay.

Still, the company is taking the necessary steps to do things right, even going so far as to break down the Family Share Plan with step-by-step instructions.

Sprint Corporation gets new CEO Marcelo Claure replacing Dan Hesse

“We are doubling the high-speed wireless data because today’s customers rely so much on their smartphones and tablets,” said Claure in a statement. “We make it simple and easy for wireless consumers to get the data they need at affordable prices to make their lives easier, more productive and enjoyable.”

T-Mobile US Inc to surpass Sprint Corporation in customer base by the end of 2014

When looking at the larger picture, Sprint’s new plan and promotional offers aren’t that surprising. Verizon just revealed a new $60 single-line plan, and both it and AT&T have been taking away from Sprint’s pool of customers for a while now. Even T-Mobile –currently its greatest threat– could eventually rise to become the third largest U.S. carrier; knocking Sprint to fourth place. This is due, in part, to changes made this year with T-Mobile’s Uncarrier promos and events, which resulted in an increase of subscribers.

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If Sprint really does want to get back on top, the Family Share Pack is a decent start. Lower prices and better benefits are often the best way to do this, but the trick is to maintain it and counter any moves the other players make in the coming months. If anything expect Sprint to announce


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