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Nikon D750 for Photokina to feature 24MP full frame sensor


Nikon has had its share of issues with the D600 camera (dust and oil issues, to be exact), and, under normal circumstances, most individuals would assume that the D610 camera would be used solely for this purpose.

However, Nikon still intends to sell the D610, according to new rumors, but the company also intends to unveil a new DSLR camera that doesn’t continue the D600 lineup, but will be an action camera placed between the D610 and D810 models.

The new Nikon DSLR camera doesn’t have an official name at the moment, although experts seem to believe the new Nikon DSLR camera will be called the Nikon D750. While the name still remains to be seen, some of the new Nikon camera’s specs have been discovered.

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First, the Nikon D750 (hold the name of the new digital camera loosely) could be announced in a few weeks, with a mid-September announcement (Sept. 16-21) date as a late announcement. There will be in-built Wi-Fi support, a must for any competitive DSLR camera. A tilting LCD screen will allow you to take better pictures from better angles.

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There will be an Expeed 4 imaging processor to help produce quality images on-screen, and 24MP full frame sensor that’s measured to be around 35mm. Rumored to be lighter than current or older Nikon cameras, the Nikon D750 will cost around $2,500 – somewhere between the D610 and the Nikon DF. The Nikon D750 will be announced at the Photokina photography and imaging fair from September 16-21, 2014.

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