We told you about the Flappy Bird follow-up Swing Copters a few days ago; today, however, the flying game has now made its way into both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on iOS.

It was said at the time that a one-time fee would eliminate ads, but the game seems to provide the opt-out ad option for iOS users. There seems to be no way to opt out of ads on the Android version just yet, so stay glued to your Android devices and wait patiently for the opt-out ad feature to roll out in the coming days.

The game will be difficult, in fact, more difficult than Flappy Bird. While Flappy Bird allows users to jump from one green tunnel pipe to another to avoid hitting an object and dying, Swing Copters requires extreme patience so that, while flying, you don’t hit the swinging hammers. In Flappy Bird, there were no moving objects above the head of the bird to prevent it from jumping from one pipe to another, but the swinging hammers in Swing Copters are always moving – requiring both focus on your bird and the hammers simultaneously.

It seems that Dong Nguyen is aware by now that his games are addictive because they’re so frustrating; no matter what players do, they can’t seem to play his games and score well – nevertheless win them. That is unless you’re the hard-core teenage gamer who got to level 999 of Flappy Bird. If you want to rekindle the magic and get your entire family addicted, check out the new Flappy Bird Family game that’s now available at the Google Play Store.

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If you’re tired of Flappy Bird and are looking for Flappy Bird 2 (what Swing Copters should be called because of the game’s intensity), give it a try on both Android and iOS. The game is free on Android and iOS, along with Nguyen’s other games, Super Juggling Ball and Shuriken Block.