Just like every company, Samsung too invests heavily in promotions. In spite of its promotion, Galaxy S5 turned out to be a flop and led to exclusion of mobile design head Lee Min-hyouk. However, this time its latest promotion tactic turned into cheap publicity stunt.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a damn resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust. And why not, it’s an IP67 certified phone and made to survive in awkward situations. However, Samsung got caught cheating ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Lately, the Samsung Galaxy S5 underwent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated HTC One M8, iPhone 5S and Lumia 930. Samsung UK has also published a 15-second video on the official YouTube channel, which has gotten more than 2 million views thus far. Keen eyes over at Inferse.com spotted that the video is fake.

If you watch the video carefully, Samsung shows off the resistant capabilities of Galaxy S5. But you can see in the end of video, the clock widget remains at 2:16PM while the status clock jumps to 2:50PM.

Despite the video glitch, it’s possible that Samsung Galaxy S5 does exactly or somewhat that the company claims. Samsung might have donated a million bucks to the cause, but it’s not a good practice and doesn’t give a million bucks impression. Even Samsung lovers and haters are complaining about the video stunt on its official YouTube page.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gone viral: Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, Bill Gates, Tim Cook participated for good cause

We have contacted Samsung to see if the company has something to explain this one. In the meantime let us know what you think of the phone.


  1. So what?
    The people shooting the video aren’t going to get the perfect water shot on the first take. and i know for a fact that the S5 is completely water proof. i have one! you can go swimming with this thing. the most likely cause for the clock changing is a screen shot of the lock screen. see how the water moves the screen to the left in the video. yeah. if i drop a drop of water on my screen it does the same thing, water registers on the touch screen! why is everyone making a big deal about it. its not faked its just a screen shot of the time… chill. we don’t need anymore negativity in the world…

  2. That doesnt mean anything about the widget not moving/updating on lockscreen. My Note 3 has a clock widget that, on the lock screen, for some reason doesn’t stay in sync except when screen is first unclocked. You unlock it, view the clocks, they are the same. But the WIDGET stops updating time (on lock)… but top clock keeps on going. I think it’s a battery saving feature since the same widget works perfectly inside on the home screen.


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