Hot on the heels of its Gecko acquisition a few days ago, Google has now gone and purchased cloud visual effects rendering firm Zync for an undisclosed amount.

Zync Inc., now five years ago, is responsible for providing visual effects rendering technology for companies via the Internet so that companies need not maintain their own render farms to produce movies and games. Zync Inc.’s rendering technology, known as Zync Render, will be integrated into Google’s Cloud Platform, said representatives familiar with the matter.

“We are thrilled to announce that ZYNC has joined Google!…Pairing this history with the scale and reliability of Google Cloud Platform will help us offer an even better service to our customers – including more scalability, more host packages and even better pricing (including per-minute billing),” ZYNC said about the acquisition at its website.

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While Zync concerns itself with more affordable packages for those who can’t afford their own render farms, Google is likely more concerned about acquiring ZYNC Render’s technology to cater to its current customers, such as ephemeral messaging app company Snapchat and game company Rovio.

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This year alone, Google has acquired not only hardware design company Gecko, but also photo analysis company Jetpac, small business promotional company Directr, surveillance company Dropcam, maps company Skybox Imaging, language translation startup Quest Visual, Israeli Internet startup SlickLogin, artificial intelligence company DeepMind Technologies, and Smart Thermostat company Nest, as well as Timely Alarm app company Bitspin, and drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace, among others. The search engine giant has now acquired 30 companies or so this year.