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Report: Apple Inc. to launch iWatch on September 9, as iPhone 6 companion


It’s time for iTime.

That’s right, Apple fans: Apple’s getting ready to release the long-fabled iWatch on September 9, alongside of its new 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models.

Past iWatch rumors stated that the iWatch would come in three sizes, with two having 1.6-inch screens and one having a 1.3-inch screen, but the new report says that Apple’s iWatch will have two sizes (1.5 inches and 1.3 inches) and feature a flexible AMOLED display. Apple has hired a former OLED LG Electronics TV engineer within the last two years, but we’d only heard about OLED displays until now. AMOLED displays would certainly play a role in conserving battery life – a feat that Apple’s iPhones haven’t excelled in since the release of the first-generation iPhone back in 2007.

The last piece of the puzzle that we know about the iWatch is that it looks to have a WVGA, 320 x 240 screen resolution. Some have said that Apple is prioritizing image quality over battery life, but that isn’t necessarily the case. After all, Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Gear had a 320 x 320 screen resolution, slightly better than the rumored 320 x 240 screen resolution of the iWatch, and only housed a 315mAh battery as well.


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Despite the criticisms about the Galaxy Gear on everything from its price to the presence of a camera, the small battery has provided anywhere from 1-1.5 days of battery life. If one places the device in black mode with a black watchface, you can get over 2 days of battery life. With that said, the iWatch could provide at least 24 hours of battery life (a battery experience that is better than that of the iPhone itself), so even 1 day of battery life on a single charge for an iWatch is nothing to laugh at.

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Sources also state that Apple will rely on Health and HealthKit apps to make the iWatch a connected-health experience. One rumor says that Apple could implement smart home capabilities into its iWatch so that one could tap the screen to turn off your home lights, for example.

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We have no evidence that Apple looks to integrate its smart home platform into the iWatch, but, with the iPhone maker, anything’s possible. Stay tuned to Inferse as we provide more information on the iWatch as information surfaces.

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