The long-rumored iWatch is back in the pits again. Sources say that Apple will now wait to unveil the product in 2015. At this point, you might as well look forward to it next September. “It’s not shipping anytime soon,” a person close to the matter has revealed.

Now, before we start being disappointed and throwing our fists in the air, we should keep in mind that we’ve heard delayed rumors before surrounding the first Retina iPad Mini as well as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 that Apple will announce on September 9. At this point though, you’d think that someone’s telling the truth. There is one major reason as to why we believe the new rumor about the iWatch delay can be trusted.

What is the reason, you ask? No photos. Whenever the new iPhone is set to be announced, there’re quite a few photos that just “happen” to find their way across the Web. We’ve said it over and over again here at Inferse that, if the iWatch were on its way, we would have seen photos by now. For the last three months, no photos. Usually, iPhone rumors heat up (though they haven’t heated up as much this year as in years past), but the iWatch rumors have been as cold as ice – if you don’t count display sizes and the whole medical mobile concept. Not one photo has been shown to us regarding the iWatch, so we figured something strange was on the horizon.

Next, we want you to know that you shouldn’t ever trust “early 20XX” rumors because, to be blunt, Apple never makes a Spring announcement. There’ve been times in the past when Apple’s announced tablets in the Spring, but few announcements have been made in the Spring these last two years or so. Apple likes to strike around the Fall of the year, when customers start saving their money in time for the holiday season. So, with that said, if Apple doesn’t emerge with an iWatch this year, it won’t arrive until September 2015.

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Some people say that this is no reason to be alarmed, but we think that Apple’s delay is a reason for alarm. After all, LG has taken advantage of Motorola’s long delay with its promo-teasing Moto 360 and has released a G Watch R smartwatch that blows the Moto 360 into bits. Delays are never good, because they only allow competitors to offer something better. Apple will always own iOS, but there’re a number of smartwatches currently on the market that run iOS – and, with a free year remaining, a number of iPhone users will scoop up a Dick Tracy gadget or two until Apple finally brings the iWatch to the market.

Smartwatch 1

For iPhone users who still want a smartwatch that can provide notifications, you’ve still got an array of choices. First, Omate’s now provided a new smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS that provides a music player, dial pad, accelerometer, pedometer, and so on. Omate provides Galaxy-Gear functionality in its smartwatch, and the new redesign of Omate’s smartwatch deserves a look if you want to dabble into smartwatches before the iWatch comes in another 365 days or so.

smartwatch 2

Second, the Pebble Steel has been a favorite of some users, and, if you can get past the Steel’s E-ink display that looks like a 1990s Amazon Kindle, you’ll find the 5-7-day battery life to be a real treasure. The “Pebble” name (seeming rather weak to us) has been converted into the “Pebble Steel,” a model name that is far more attention-grabbing (though we still think the company should’ve named the watch and the company something other than “Pebble”).

smartwatch 3

Last but not least, you can always pick up a Martian smartwatch. While we’re not a fan of the watchface shown in the photo, the stainless steel build is a beauty to be admired. One unique thing about the Martian smartwatch is that, contra the Pebble Steel or the OMATE Truesmart, the Martian smartwatch actually has an integrated Siri button that lets you control Siri on your smartphone by tapping the comparable button on your smartwatch. If you want a Siri-integrated experience, the Martian may be the “out of this world” smartwatch that you’ve been waiting for.

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These are three alternatives, although there’re more out there on the market currently. What this goes to show is that a number of smartwatches are designed to do nothing more than provide notifications. If a basic notification experience is what you want, then a number of iOS-compatible smartwatches already provide what you want at an affordable price.