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Facebook old post keyword search feature takes on Google


Facebook and Google+ have been social media opponents in days gone by, but Google’s given up on Google+ since the company recently decided to invest its dollars elsewhere. At the same time, Facebook is still doing all it can to increase its mobile presence and encourage users on the social media site. To compete with Snapchat, Facebook released its own ephemeral messaging app (called Slingshot). Recently, the company moved Facebook messages from its core Facebook app over to Facebook Messenger – with criticism from tech analysts and users alike.

Now, Facebook looks to increase your mobile presence by instituting a post keyword search whereby you’ll be able to type “Kevin’s dinner” and see statuses and pictures of the unique meals Kevin has cooked in the last year, for example. You’ll even be able to search for posts that you liked, similar to how people can search for status updates using hashtags currently. In fact, this is why hashtags are used: to categorize status updates so that, with the type of a word, you can search for Facebook posts under the “Facebook” label (#Facebook).

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The goal of this is to make former posts searchable, as opposed to the current setup whereby status updates disappear after some time from your Facebook page (and you can’t search for them). Now, all your posts would be archived so that you can always view them again in the near future if you turn nostalgic one cold evening and see yourself as a good source of comedy. “We’re testing an improvement to search on mobile. In this test you can use keywords to search for posts you’re in the audience for on Facebook,” the company said on Thursday.

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Currently, the new feature is only being tested out by a few users, so not everyone will see it now. The feature will roll out to all Facebook users at some point in the near future.


Unfortunately, as with every new social media feature that’s introduced in mobile, there are both benefits and drawbacks. While the new post keyword search feature will help you see old posts you’ve written (or old posts from your friends), employers may be able to search and see the same. So, with that said, “oh be careful little hands what you type.”

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