It’s been five years since Alienware brought its second-generation Area-51 game PC to market. The first and second-generation Area-51 game PCs maintained a tower shape, but Alienware has taken the redesign concept to a whole new level with its third-generation Area-51 game PC.

The latest from the Dell-owned company takes the old tower shape design and creates a “triad,” triangular shape that is said to serve two purposes: 1) it allows gamers to reach for ports more conveniently than before and 2) it allows for proper game PC cooling and heating procedures. While the triad shape is something of a deviation from the company’s usual tower game PCs, the design itself is revolutionary and certainly makes the Area-51 not only game-worthy with its 4K on-screen graphics but also its fashion. Fashionable and trendy tech is climbing in popularity these days.

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The Area-51 is also the first device to feature Intel’s first octa-core desktop processor, the Core i7-5960X. The Area-51 will leave room for you to choose from three Extreme Edition CPUs of Intel’s Haswell chip, while still allowing you to employ up to three graphics cards, five solid-state drives (or hard drives), along with a Alienware’s Command Center 4.0 for overclocking and lighting controls, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a 1,500-watt battery.

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There has been no word from Alienware on the release date and price for the third-generation Area-51 game PC, but the new “silver monolith” shape will certainly make you think you’re aboard Stargate.