T-Mobile will finally start offering the Apple iPhone after being left out for so many years. If this news is a surprise to you, then let me tell you that it was a surprise to us as well. We think that the carrier company is late and should have entered the iPhone competition long time back.

Since many years, T-Mobile has been a carrier company that did not offer the Apple iPhone in the United States. Finally things will change, and the company will soon be offering one of the most popular smartphones in the market, the Apple iPhone.

T-Mobile who has billed itself as the ‘Uncarrier’ has announced that it will start selling the Apple iPhone 5 from the 12th of April on its recently launched 4G LTE network. The best part is that T-Mobile is selling the Apple iPhone 5 starting at $99 only, that too without a contract. Consumers will then have to pay $20 payments for 20 months apart from the monthly pre-paid data plans.

Even though T-Mobile is late, it has come up with a really attractive plan, one which is very much different as compared to other carrier networks. Other carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint require consumers to get into a two year contract after purchasing an iPhone. But T-Mobile has come up with a new way to do business, and consumers who want to be contract free are welcome to try it out. You can also purchase the iPhone 5 at full price on T-Mobile and get rid of the $20 monthly payments.

By the way, the Apple iPhone 5 is not the only smartphone that T-Mobile will begin selling soon. The company will also be offering a lot of other 4G smartphones which include the Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Z10, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the HTC One.

So which of these smartphones are you planning to buy? Let us know what you feel about this new list of smartphones being offered by T-Mobile.


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