A new app for the Google Glass called Shore can tell a person’s emotions based on facial recognition alone. It can also tell their age and gender but not their actual identity.

The Google Glass is something many of you may have already heard about, a fashionable and modern pair of glasses which comes with an integrated CPU. Compared to other popular devices, however, the Google Glass seems to be more ideal for businesses rather than private use. That is of course unless techies and geeks would want to stand out among the rest, something that could somehow sway the interest on this techie device.

The Google Glass is indeed handy, especially for the folks who want to do some browsing, computing or emails while they are on the go. And apparently like most phones and tablets, the Google Glass does come with apps as well. And the recent app that seems quite interesting (or controversial depending on your standpoint) is the Shore app which can reportedly detect human emotions in real time plus determine their age and gender.

Now that doesn’t include telling the actual identity of the person (well at least not yet). If it did, you could imagine the privacy issues that many people would be worried about. Rather, Google Glass owners can do that on their own, input the personal data and information.

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Now this new breakthrough could spring up many possibilities, most of which could help out in business or even medically in the sense, particularly the visually impaired. Integrating some audio or communication aids for folks who have a hard time interpreting emotions could be a big help, not to mention get some information on the people around them.

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Of course don’t forget the possibilities from people in other genres such as gaming, business and the medical field to name a few. By being able to detect emotions through facial expressions, you can imagine how such could be used in gaming, business or even perhaps deeper analysis for people when it comes to medical treatment and illnesses. The list just goes on and on!


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