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Apple’s spaceship campus construction video leaked by a drone and GoPro Hero camera


Just before release of iPhone 6, two security breach released question on Apple’s ability. First famous Celebrity iCould hack and now Apple HQ construction video.

Apple has long been one as one of the most secretive tech companies in the world. The firm routinely works to keep a tight lid on rumors when it comes to its products such as the iPhone 6 and the newest version of its iPads. The secrecy apparently includes something as seemingly mundane as the size, shape and scope of its new headquarters.

The Cupertino company has been working on a new spaceship shaped HQ for a number of months now and has gone to great lengths in order to keep the facility out of the public eye. Reports indicate high walls being put up around the construction site in order to make sure people can’t take photos as they walk on by. The firm has also made sure to keep a tight rein on anyone directly associated with Apple from speaking about any details regarding what the finished product will look like, or even how big it will end up being.

This kind of privacy always has a downside, and the biggest downside for Apple is the great lengths people will go to in order to get just a glimpse of what’s going on behind the steel curtain. YouTube user jmcminn was especially industrious in getting a look at the construction by first getting himself a Phantom 2 drone. He then strapped a GoPro Hero 3+ onto the flying gadget and took to the air. The remote control craft was then maneuvered over the Apple construction site and took a video of the headquarters-to-be in all its glory.

One thing we can see from the new, eight minute video is there has been quite a bit of progress in a relatively short period of time. A set of aerial shots taken by a local news team taken earlier in the year showed little beyond what looked like crop circles at the site. This new video, shot on August 24, 2014 illustrates the work being done. One specific addition is a donut shaped furrow in the ground. This is the base of the building which will eventually be four stories tall and house as many as 13,000 employees.

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The furrowed ground clearly lays out the size and shape of the building and brings to life just how massive the facility will be when completed. The construction site covers more than 2.8 million square feet and is said to basically be a space-ship shaped version of the company’s Apple stores. In order to put this into context, you have to realize the building will eventually be larger than the Pentagon.

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The facility was one of the last projects to be directly headed by the late Steve Jobs. The former Apple CEO began designing the new headquarters, named Apple Campus 2, in 2009 and sought out the help of legendary architect Norman Foster. Foster has a resume almost as impressive as the building he has designed including working on restoring the Reichstag in Berlin and designing the bullet shaped Gherkin in London. This particular project was very special to Jobs, who once said he wanted this site to allow Apple to have the “best office building in the world.”

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Meanwhile, Apple is busy in finalizing the iPhone event which will happen on September 9. Press invite was sent out on Thursday, stating “9.9.2014. wish we could say more”. Apart from its amazing looks and sapphire glass, introduction of NFC is also making some buzz. Rumors say, that NFC will be used for iWallet.

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