Temple Run is coming to the Microsoft Windows Phone platform. This is not a surprise or good news to say because the game is already late in arrival. Temple Run is certainly one of the most popular and most played mobile games, and Windows Phone users were waiting for the arrival of this game on Windows Phone platform.

Finally, this popular game from Imangi Studio is available on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Even though it was said that Temple Run will be available on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform by holiday time, the game has been launched late enough to have disappointed a lot of waiting customers.

Temple Run for Windows Phone

Even though we now have this game on the Windows Phone platform, Windows Phone users will still have to wait in line for the next version, Temple Run 2. Because the game available on the Windows Phone store is the original Temple Run which was launched on the iOS platform about 18 months ago. To add to the disappointment, the Temple Run on Windows Phone does not even¬†take advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform.

It would have been better if Temple Run did launch on the Windows Phone store before Temple Run 2 hit the market. At least that way, Windows Phone users could have gotten some sense of justice.

Temple Run is a game that can be played for hours on end and you will never get bored no matter how many times you play it. We know that it has been too late, but Windows Phone users can finally get the game they wanted. But the sad part still remains that now when others have already accomplished everything in Temple Run and moved on to Temple Run 2, Windows Phone users will start with the original Temple Run.

Aside from Temple Run, there are some other good additions to Windows Phone Store including Drift Mania Championship 2, Orcs Must Survive, Fling Theory, Propel Man, 6th Planet, Chaos Ring, and Gravity Guy 2. However, some of them are exclusive to Windows Phone 8.


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