Apple has been one of the most successful companies in the mobile and tablet segment. Now the company plans to take on one of the most influential segments in the technology market – Televisions.

Reports saying that Apple is working on its own television set is no big surprise. We have been hearing about the same since a long time now, and as we get closer and closer to the time when Apple might unveil its own television set, we have yet another important update.

The Apple television sets will have a lot of unique features including support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, motions controls, voice controls and most probably even Siri. Yes, you heard it right – Siri! Not too long from now, we will not only be asking Siri to remind us about sending an important message through our iPhone. Siri will soon become a part of our family and remind us about all the relevant programs on television that we might miss out on or simply forget.

The company will make a television set that will be second to no other. In fact, we believe that the new Apple television sets will be so good that rivals might have a hard time keeping up with it. Apple television sets will have 4K resolution and most importantly will allow viewers to use motion and voice in order to control the system.

Apple might also have plans to raise the standards for high definition display. Currently we are happy with the 1080p full HD televisions in our houses, but we might soon be left behind when Apple comes up with its new television which is said to have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels – a new standard and benchmark for televisions!

The company still has a long way to go with this project. 4K televisions are new to the market, and a majority of the consumer base is not able to afford the high price that they will have to pay in order to own a 4K resolution TV. Additionally, it would be very difficult for Apple to start production of the 4K televisions even if they are ready to go for it. The availability of parts and the manufacturers who will actually make this TV for Apple are two of the biggest challenges right now. Let us see how Apple tackles these problems.