Windows Phone 8 consumers can now play hardcore games on their smartphones without having to worry about the controls. Microsoft Windows Phone 8 devices will soon be compatible with the MOGA game controller from PowerA.

At the Game Developer Conference, Microsoft announced that game accessory company PowerA will be adding Windows Phone 8 support for its MOGA mobile phone game controllers. This indicates that Windows Phone 8 users will easily be able to play games with proper control and attention. Many a times mobile gamers miss out on crucial targets, stages and bonuses etc. because they do not get that exact control using the buttons provided on the touchscreen. But soon this will be no problem to worry about for Windows Phone 8 users.

As mentioned earlier, the MOGA game controller can be used with Windows Phone 8 smartphones as PowerA will be adding Windows Phone 8 support. This MOGA game controller will be available at a cost of around $50. The SDK will soon be available to game developers using which they can develop games that are compatible with the new controllers.

Additionally, Microsoft also announced that Unity 3D, a popular game graphics engine company has launched an open beta for Unity 4 for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Other cool tools and SDKs that will soon be available for Windows Phone 8 include the game physics software tool ‘Havok’ owned by Intel and the Marmalade SDK.

The Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco has certainly been a major boost to gaming on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Let us see how game designers and developers will use these new treasures to make some really nice games for us.