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Nest Protect 2.0 adds ability to adjust CO levels, Pathlight setting and 10-Day history


Through the new algorithms and inbuilt detectors of the Nest Protect app, users will be able to access many new features. All you’ve to do is get the new software update, and this combined CO and smoke detector app will get smarter at making detections for you.

Preliminarily, the updated version of Nest app is able to show you the CO levels in the room. Once you’re aware of the Carbon Monoxide levels you can make the necessary adjustments in the room.

With the new update, users are also able to adjust the brightness of the light on the device using the Pathlight setting. This enables you to easily see or read any notifications that come to your screen, which is especially considerate and beneficial to people with light-related problems.

Again, by getting a software update of the Nest Protect app, the phone will be able to use its built-in algorithms to easily and automatically differentiate between steam and smoke detections. This difference is enabled by the new Steam Check Feature, which, according to the Nest Company, will reduce false alarms by more than 50%.

If you’re one of those users who would like to view a history of the CO or smoke detections alerts on the phone, the new updates ensure that you can do that effortlessly. A history of the all these alerts in the last 10 days can be viewed by checking the new safety history menu on the Nest Smartphone app. Additionally, the safety history and messages menus offer other important details like how long the CO/Smoke stayed high and the quantity of the emissions that triggered the alarm.

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Unlike the past versions of the app that were sometimes faulty, the new updates offer improved accuracy in the app’s detection. Furthermore, version 2.0 of the Nest app allows users to customize their alarms such that they can be alerted even when they’re away from home. The alert can be further customized so that the local fire department or any other emergency contact is notified.

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Though the app was designed for the likes of iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini, the Nest Company says that the mobile app can now be used universally, so feel free to take advantage of the many features that come with update 2.0

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