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Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch on the verge, potential buyers line up in New York


It’s that time of year again when the iFaithful assemble to see what Apple has up its sleeve next. The crowds has started gathering in front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store, just to grab an iPhone 6. iPhone users start counting their pennies and looking forward to see if they’ll have enough to buy yet another favorite iDevice for Christmas. The iFaithful get ready to “hit that button” on their iPhones in anticipation of another update to the world’s most advanced operating system. The time when Tim Cook and Apple engineers show us what they’ve planned all year.

Yes, it’s time for the iPhone 6 and the iWatch!

We’ve been bringing coverage of the iPhone 6 and the iWatch for months now, but with next Tuesday right around the corner, we can go ahead and be more precise in what you can expect. Let’s start with the fabled iWatch.


The iWatch is headed to market, although our sources still state that it won’t be available until 2015. This doesn’t mean much for the iPhone 6 announcement since Apple will likely reveal the iWatch there, anyway. LG did the same with its first-generation Android Wear G Watch back in May when it announced the G3, and Samsung recently announced the Gear S in a press release before showing it off at its Galaxy Note 4 announcement on Wednesday.

There will be two iWatch sizes, a 1.5-inch and 1.3-inch model with flexible, AMOLED displays. While we don’t have an official price, Apple could charge as much as $400 for the iWatch and, with all of the medical authority integration alongside of the user medical data that the iWatch looks to keep, you may end up paying for the right to have the iWatch place your doctor on demand for emergencies.


The iWatch will also feature a wireless charging method that won’t mandate connecting your iWatch to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, sources have said. This explains the $400 price tag surrounding the iWatch, since Apple could sell the wireless charging system as an accessory that comes with the iWatch – as Samsung sells the wireless charging cradle and USB cable along with its Gear smartwatches.

Sources say that there will be some sort of sapphire glass built into the display above the flexible screen to make it tougher against hits and impacts, so the iWatch will certainly be built to last.

iPhone 6

The iDevice that started the Apple revolution is back, bigger and bolder than ever.

Apple’s making a statement with the upcoming iPhone 6 announcement, taking the phone that revolutionized the smartphone industry as we know it and transforming it into a new device that you’re sure to love.

Apple is no stranger when it comes to marvelously-crafted design, and the iPhone 6 should be just as pleasing (if not more) than the first iPhone you owned or purchased. From what our sources tell us, the iPhone 6 will have more rounded edges than any iPhone to date, and will bear a brushed aluminum finish that will make you give up your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s for it. We also know that the camera sensor on the back camera is bigger than last year’s, so the 13MP camera is a given.

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And, we can confirm, happily, that Apple does have two iPhone 6 sizes in its lineup: a 4.7-inch display for those who think 5+-inch displays are nothing short of “behemoth,” and a 5.5-inch display for those who have bigger hands and want to go bigger with the iPhone than ever before. If you ask us, we think the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 users will be missing out, but to each his or her own.

We can also confirm a price increase for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model. Still, it is a worthy price to pay if you don’t like the idea of smaller screens (we can’t blame you if you want a 5.5-inch screen; we do, too). Apple is helping customers with the integration of a one-handed mode for those who think a 5.5-inch screen mandates the feature. Similar to Samsung’s Galaxy series, the feature will allow you to turn it on and off at whim.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will feature a 1,810mAh battery while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will feature a 2,915mAh battery (or 2,900mAh, approximately), so it’s easy to understand why many consumers would favor the larger model.

iPhone 6 and the Mobile Wallet Payment System

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is headed to the iPhone 6 as well as the iWatch, our sources tell us – meaning that you’ll be able to make payments wirelessly on both devices. Apple has been experimenting with this feature regarding its own iProducts in local Apple retail stores, but NFC integration into the iPhone 6 experience will open up Apple’s “experiment” to credit card and debit card companies.

It was confirmed as of one week ago that Apple had signed credit card giants Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to its list of mobile wallet partners – so Apple’s been hard at work on this feature for a long time.

Now that we’ve been told the iWatch will get NFC integration too, it won’t be hard to pay for something with the tap of a finger on your wrist. Apple further shakes things up, could announce the iPad Air 2 alongside iPhone 6. Are you ready for the iPad Air 2? Well, if you are, it may come a little earlier this year.

An entire month early, in fact.

Apple’s been known to have two product releases each year, September for the iPhone and October for the iPad Mini and iPad Air (the large iPad that, until last year, was never honored with a name). Well, from what we’ve been told, the iPad Air 2 could arrive on September 9, the same day that Apple announces the iPhone 6.

What could be behind this tip from our sources? Well, it seems as though October has been a rather late month to release the iPad Air and iPad Mini. We’ve been told that the iPad Mini may not receive a refresh this year but that Apple would release the iPad Air 2 early in order to reach eager individuals who don’t like the idea of waiting.


Another idea behind the early release of the iPad Air 2 may have something to do with beating rival manufacturer Samsung to the punch. Samsung just revealed its Galaxy Note 4 on Wednesday, and we’ve been told that Samsung’s most prestigious phone of the year will arrive at carriers on October 10. Apple’s larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 has been designed to corner Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablet line, which has taken some customers from Apple. With an early release of both the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2, Apple would be able to steal a few customers who would otherwise buy from Samsung – and have nothing left to give to Apple for the holiday season.

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Google and HTC are also teaming up to announce the release of the Nexus 9 this October-November, and the Nexus 6 would make its entrance around the same time (October 31, 2014). With Android releases coming in October, and November, and Samsung’s Note 4 arriving in early to mid-October, Apple’s early, late-September release just may be the thing that gives Apple, the edge with consumers.

Apple’s all set for this coming Tuesday, to show the world that, once again, its proud tradition continues. Are you ready for your iPhone 6, iWatch, and iPad Air 2?

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