The anticipation about the upcoming iPhone model, iPhone 6 from Apple is building up, and there are many speculations from various sources regarding its design and features.

The official launch of Apple iPhone 6 is scheduled to be on September 9th, 2014, which will be live streamed from different locations. Prior to its official launch, countless rumors were already spreading regarding the iPhone 6 and its features. One of which is the increase in size-something that most Apple customers are anticipating with the new iPhone model. According to various sources, the iPhone 6 will be coming in two variants i.e. one with 4.7-inch display and other with 5.5-inch display, making it slightly bigger than the previous iPhone models. Though many customers are lamenting about the small display size of previous iPhone models, this development also poses a challenge for Apple customers. One concern regarding this development is that most users would have to utilize two hands (especially those with smaller hands) in order to utilize the phone. This could pose as a challenge for Apple customers who have already accustomed themselves in using iPhone 5S and 5C.

Despite the increase in size, there are rumors suggesting that Apple has already anticipated this problem, and they would implement “one-hand operation” setting for iPhone 6, which can be toggled on or off. This would mean that the keyboard appearance would be smaller and can be located on the bottom of screen either inclined to the left or right part. This would help users in reaching the necessary buttons and operating it with a single hand. Other competitors in the market especially Android-based smartphones have already introduced this function in their smartphone designs thus adapting it with the demand for a larger screen of smartphones for users.

Apple Inc. introducing NFC to iPhone 6 for iWallet

Aside from the iPhone 6, many Apple customers are also expecting the announcement of the iWatch during this much-anticipated event.