After some delays, the chip maker Intel has finally unveiled its new line of Core M (Broadwell) processors, 14-nanometer transistors that were initially set to be released as early as July. The new line of processors are 50% smaller, and 30% thinner compared to the previous Haswell chip, paving the way for easier integration towards tablets, something that has somehow been hit with compromised power due to processor size constraints.

With the release of these new breed of processors, tablets that would generally require thinner processors will have been finally addressed. The “razor-thin” and fanless processors measure only 0.35 inches thick. The new family of 14-nm based processors includes the Intel Core M 4, Intel Core M 3, Intel Core M 2 and Intel Core M 1.

As far as computing and power requirements are concerned, the thinner processors have it properly covered. The processors stand to be ideal for laptop users as well, addressing heating issues that some users try to remedy using cooling fans. Further according to Intel, the new chips will also increase power backups where gadgets can last up to 1.7 hours longer than current and previous models.


Likewise, the advent of these new processors will improve desktop’s performance as well. The highlight will, of course, be the fanless niche where cooling fans and heat sinks are normally present to ensure that PC-based processors do not suffer from potential overheating. Eventually, it could lead to leaner and smaller desktops too.

The chips experience delays due to technical issues. They were actually first introduced during the Computex IT back in June and should have been made available as early as July. But despite the delay, the thinner and innovative fanless processors should be worth the wait, especially for laptops, tablets and smartphones that seem to be getting thinner as they come.