Unicom, a Chinese-based telecommunications firm has already started online booking for iPhone 6 despite no official confirmation from Apple regarding the features and design. Unicom has also shared some details about iPhone 6 specification on their site.

According to the website, iPhone 6 will be a 4.7 inch phone with an upgraded 3MP front-camera, better touch ID, quad-core A8 chip, and a 2,100mAh battery. Aside from these features, the website also hinted that there would be another iPhone model named as the iPhone 6 Pro, which is considered as a larger version. iPhone 6 will be available in three colors namely black, silver, and gold.


As for the prices, Unicom mentions that smaller iPhone 6 will cost around US $861 while the bigger iPhone 6 Pro would be valued around US $1,024. These suggested prices are for pre-booking and the value could still decrease depending on the Telecom promos. Early birds for iPhone 6 can also get a prepaid card worth US$ 32.60 after successful completion of their application.

The website also features images that supposedly show the design and features of iPhone 6 alongside the company’s slogan in the website stating “You are even more powerful than you could imagine”.

Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch on the verge, potential buyers line up in New York

Despite being the first ones to offer iPhone 6 in the market, the information shared on their website are still speculation as Apple has yet to deny or confirm the information provided. These specifications and features regarding iPhone 6 can only be considered official once the Apple event would push through on September 9, 2014.